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New YCS Prize Cards – Number 93: Utopia Kaiser!

August 27th, 2016

This weekend marks the last Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament under the current Forbidden & Limited List; but it’s also the first tournament awarding the brand new Number 93: Utopia Kaiser prize cards!

Owning Number 93: Utopia Kaiser is every Number hunter’s dream. Number 93 is a Rank 12 Number Monster that can’t be destroyed by battle or by card effects while you control another “Number” Monster. It also has a very specific Summoning requirement: It can only be Xyz Summoned by combining two or more different “Number” Monsters of the same Rank, while each of the Number Monsters used to form it has at least one Xyz Material attached to it.

Once per turn, Number 93: Utopia Kaiser lets you Special Summon Rank 9 or lower “Number” monsters with 3000 or less ATK from your Extra Deck, up to the number of Xyz Materials attached to Number 93: Utopia Kaiser, as long as each of those Number monsters has a different Rank. Utopia Kaiser negates those Special Summoned monsters’ effects, and then loses an Xyz Material after it Summons them.

For the rest of the turn after using Number 93’s effect, you can’t Special Summon any other monsters, and all Battle Damage that you inflict to your opponent’s Life Points is halved.

In short, all of the following is true about Number 93: Utopia Kaiser:

(1.) Utopia Kaiser is a Number Monster.

(2.) Utopia Kaiser can be Summoned by combining Number Monsters.

(3.) Utopia Kaiser protects itself when there are other Number Monsters on the field.

(4.) Utopia Kaiser Special Summons lots of different Number Monsters to the field at once from the Extra Deck.

Its various effects Number 93: Utopia Kaiser the ultimate Number Monster. Since there are lots of different Number monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, there are lots of different ways to Summon Number 93: Utopia Kaiser, and lots of different monsters that can be Summoned by Utopia Kaiser’s effect. As more copies of Number 93: Utopia Kaiser enter the hands of skilled Duelists, we’ll begin to see the most effective ways to use it.

But for now, Number 93: Utopia Kaiser is primarily sought-after due to its rarity. As of this weekend, there is only 1 Ultra Rare Number 93: Utopia Kaiser and 4 copies of the Super Rare Number 93: Utopia Kaiser in North America.


Prize Cards


The Ultra Rare version of Number 93: Utopia Kaiser will be awarded to this weekend’s ultimate winner. The second and third place Duelists, as well as the two Public Event Playoff Winners, will each receive one of the four Super Rare copies of Number 93: Utopia Kaiser.

Which lucky Duelists will take home the ultimate Number Monster? Follow the coverage to find out!