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Round 8 Feature Match: Alfred Naccarato vs. Jalen Rose

August 28th, 2016

Alfred Naccarato from Thornhill and Jalen Rose from Scarborough are both on the Day 2 bubble here in Round 8 – the final Round of competition in Day 1 of YCS Toronto.  A loss here would knock out either of these Duelists, while the other will take his shot at the Top Cut tomorrow.  Naccarato is playing Blue-Eyes White Dragon, while Rose is running Domain Monarchs.

Rose won the roll and opted to go first, opening the Match with a Set card to his back row, and a Set monster.

Naccarato had two Sage with Eyes of Blue; Effect Veiler; Twin Twisters; Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon; and Maxx “C”.  He Summoned a Sage to search for The White Stone of Legend.  He discarded it to activate Twin Twisters, destroying his opponent’s Twin Twisters and searching for Blue-Eyes White Dragon with White Stone’s effect.  He revealed it to Special Summon Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, destroyed his opponent’s face-down Eidos the Underworld Squire, and Tuned Alternative and Sage to Synchro Summon Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon.  Naccarato made a direct attack with it to drop Rose to 5500 Life Points.

Rose Set another card to his back row and Set another monster.

Naccarato drew Pot of Desires.  He banished ten cards to draw Trade-In and Dragon Spirit of White, then used both to draw Cards of Consonance and The Melody of Awakening Dragon.  He Summoned his second Sage to search for The White Stone of Ancients, and used Melody to get Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, discarding his previous Blue-Eyes White Dragon.  He followed up by pitching The White Stone of Ancients for Cards of Consonance, drew two cards, and then Special Summoned Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.  He used it to destroy Rose’s face-down Mithra the Thunder Vassal, then Synchro Summoned a second Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon.




Naccarato used The White Stone of Ancients’ effect in the End Phase, but had nothing in his Deck to get.  He revealed his Deck to Rose.  “It’s your turn.”

Rose drew and finally seemed to have something going on.  He flipped his Set Return of the Monarchs, banished Eidos to Special Summon Mithra the Thunder Vassal, and Naccarato drew by Chaining Maxx “C”.  Rose Tributed Mithra for Kuraz the Light Monarch, triggering the effects of all three cards: Mithra Chain Link 1; Kuraz Chain Link 2; and Return Chain Link 3.  Rose searched for Majesty’s Fiend, drew by destroying Return and one of the Spirit Dragons, and got Mithra’s effect.  He Tributed for Erebus the Underworld Monarch, attacked Spirit Dragon, and Naccarato banished it to replace it with Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon in Defense Position.

Naccarato drew his third Sage with Eyes of Blue!  He banished The White Stone of Ancients to get back his Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.  He revealed his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to Special Summon Alternative, targeted the Erebus for destruction, and Rose Chained Ehther the Heavenly Monarch’s effect.  Naccarato Chained Maxx “C”, drawing two cards total when Rose Special Summoned Ehther, then Kuraz.  Rose destroyed Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and his Kuraz, giving each Duelist an additional draw.

Naccarato pitched Dragon Spirit of White for Trade-In, drew two cards, and revived Blue-Eyes White Dragon with Silver’s Cry.  He sent Blue-Eyes to attack Ehther, then attacked directly with Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon. Rose blocked him with The Prime Monarch to keep himself in the game.  Naccarato played Trade-In in Main Phase 2, pitching another Blue-Eyes White Dragon, then Set two cards to his back row: Vanity’s Emptiness and Twin Twisters.  He Summoned Sage but didn’t use its effect, instead Tuning it to Blue-Eyes White Dragon to Synchro Summon a second Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon in Defense Position.

Rose drew and gave a fist pump.  He banished Pantheism from his Graveyard, presenting three copies of Tenacity of the Monarchs to add one to his hand.  He revealed Majesty’s Fiend for Tenacity, searched Domain of the True Monarchs, and activated it.  He activated The Monarchs Stormforth, Tributed one of the Azure-Eyes for Majesty’s Fiend, and attacked the other: Naccarato blasted Domain of the True Monarchs upon attack declaration and Majesty’s Fiend crashed to its doom without the ATK bonus!  Rose was down to 200 Life Points to Naccarato’s 8000.  Rose tried to revive The Prime Monarch, Naccarato responded with Vanity’s Emptiness, and Rose conceded the first Duel.




Alfred Naccarato tears through his Deck on the way to victory, as Jalen Rose stalls out with a brick draw.  He’d need to Side Deck carefully for a fairly uncommon match-up, and avoid that kind of luck, if he’d want to pull this out of the fire and make Day 2.  Naccarato beat himself up for some self-declared misplays as he Side Decked and prepared for the second Duel.  Rose would start Game 2.

Rose activated Domain of the True Monarchs, Summoned Eidos the Underworld Squire, and Tributed for Vanity’s Fiend.  He Set one card to his backrow.

Naccarato had The Melody of Awakening Dragon; Raigeki; two Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon; Blue-Eyes White Dragon; and Dragon Spirit of White.  He discarded Dragon Spirit for Melody and searched Blue-Eyes White Dragon and another Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.  From there he activated Raigeki, Special Summoned an Alternative, and attacked for 3000 Battle Damage.  He had two more laying in wait.

Rose passed.




Naccarato drew Fog King.  He revealed Blue-Eyes White Dragon for another Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, attacked with both and that was it!  Rose’s only Set card was The Prime Monarch, with another The Prime Monarch and Kuraz in hand.

Alfred Naccarato proceeds to Day 2, with Blue-Eyes White Dragon!