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Top 16 Pairings with Deck Breakdown

August 28th, 2016

Before competition moves to the Top 16 playoffs, every Duelist is getting a Deck check.  Want to know what they’re all playing?  Of course you do!  And boy, can we make that happen.

Table 1:

Billy Brake with Domain Monarchs


Jacky Tang with Burning Abyss Monarchs


Table 2:

Blair Hunter with Fire King Kozmos


Bohdan Temnyk with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Table 3:

Patrick James with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Jesse Dean Kotton Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Table 4:

Ryan Levine with Extra Deck Monarchs


Willy Silva with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Table 5:

Jose Anthony Bren Osores with Fire King Kozmos


Marcus Carisse with Burning Abyss


Table 6:

Anandeth Sinhradsvong with Burning Abyss


Michael Walters with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Table 7:

Calvin Tahan with Burning Abyss


Alexandre Dalpe with Domain Monarchs


Table 8:

Alexander Vansant with Uranus Monarchs


Chean Chung Chang with Extra Deck Monarchs


In total, that’s 6 different types of Monarch Decks in the Top 16, including 2 Domain Monarch Decks (forgoing an Extra Deck), 2 Extra Deck Monarch Decks (heavily relying on an Extra Deck), 1 Burning Abyss Monarch Deck, and 1 Monarch Deck – piloted by Alex Vansant – featuring The Despair Uranus from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed.

Even more represented in the Top 16 than Monarchs, however, are the Burning Abyss monsters. In addition to the 1 Burning Abyss/Monarch hybrid, there are 5 Burning Abyss Phantom Knight Decks, and 3 “pure” Burning Abyss Decks that use neither Phantom Knights nor Monarchs.

Finally, 2 Kozmo Decks managed to make it into the Top 16. Both of those Decks were Fire King variants, allowing the piloting Duelists to use Fire King Island to activate the effects of their Kozmo monsters.

A new Forbidden & Limited List will take effect on Monday, August 29. That new List will weaken every one of the Decks that made the Top 16 this weekend, potentially allowing new Decks to rise up. While Duelists everywhere are eager to begin Dueling under the upcoming Forbidden & Limited List, all competitors this weekend have given their full attention and concentration to the Forbidden & Limited currently in effect. Soon we will see which Duelist – and which Deck – will take first place here in Toronto and become the final champion of the current Advanced Format.