Top Tables Update: Round 6

August 27th, 2016

We’ve got a little time before Round 7 gets started, so let’s take a look at what everyone’s playing at the top tables.  These Duelists are all undefeated or very close to it.

Top table updates serve as a snapshot of what strategies are currently doing the best here in Day 1.


It’s a surprisingly varied field.


Table 1:

Jacob Phinney with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Denzel Jordan Kelly Majespecter Pendulum Magicians


Table 2:

Jessy Samek with Blue-Eyes


David Creti with Blue-Eyes


Table 3:

Blair Hunter with Fire King Kozmos


Jason Leigh with Majespecter Pendulum Magicians


Table 4:

Evan Ronald Hahn Betzig with Extra Deck Monarchs


Justin Morales with Majespecter Metalfoes


Table 5:

Gabriel Vargas with Brilliant Monarchs


Yuhang Li with Domain Moanrchs


Table 6:

Michael Walters with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Chean Chung Chang with Extra Deck Monarchs


Table 7:

Aaron Chase Furman with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Anandeth Sinhradsvong with Burning Abyss


Table 8:

Alexander Vansant with Uranus Domain Monarchs


Kevin Paul with Burning Abyss Fluffals


Table 9:

Matthew Evan Harris Vanden Heuvel with Burning Abyss Monarchs


John Ridhaa Drouin with Burning Abyss Monarchs


Table 10:

Jose Carlos Marzan Figueroa with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights


Harison Perinpanayagam with Burning Abyss


The field’s really all over the place.  While Kozmos, Pendulums, Monarchs, and Burning Abyss Phantom Knights are all doing just as well as you’d expect, Blue-Eyes and Metalfoes are having more of an impact than some might have suspected.  Meanwhile Burning Abyss Monarchs are making a definite impression, and we’ve got a Burning Abyss Fluffal deck that – spoiler – is now 4-1-1 and deep in the race for Day 2.


There are a lot of surprises so far, and we’ll be looking to finish out our Day 1 coverage with a look at some of those Decks we haven’t Feature Matched yet.  Stay tuned!