Welcome to YCS Toronto!

August 27th, 2016

An era is coming to an end.



A fierce war has raged all year long between Kozmos, Pendulums, Monarchs, and the united forces of the Burning Abyss and Phantom Knights. Challengers have risen and fallen: Mermails, Yosenju, Qliphorts, Infernoids, Majespecters, PSY-Frames, and countless others have each had its moment in the sun, and each was eventually toppled in turn.

The biggest Decks of 2016 have been played in different ways: partners like Fire Kings, Speedroids, Brilliant Fusion, Quantums, and Card of Demise created variation and innovation, while different Duelists played with different goals, building Xyz and Synchro strategies, playing for control, aggression, and mindblowing combos in their bids to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Now it all draws to a close. On Monday the biggest, most successful Decks of the year will be curbed by the new Forbidden & Limited List, making room for new strategies, new opportunities, and new achievements in Championship-level Dueling.

Many of North America’s greatest Duelists have assembled here this weekend to send off the format with a bang: star Duelists like Billy Brake, Tyree Tinsley, Bo Tang, Chris LeBlanc, Aaron Furman, Bohdan Temnyk, Justin Delhon, Alex Vansant, Thomas Mak, and more are here to take their shot at the ultimate honor: the title of Champion. It’s a stacked field of long-time winners and fan-favorites, and competition is going to be fearsome.

Expectations for the weekend’s metagame are well established, but with so many greats in attendance we’re bound to see some last minute surprises – there are still some big unknowns. Will we see new creativity in the wake of The Dark Illusion and Dragons of Legend: Unleashed? Will the recent successes of Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Metalfoes Decks lead those strategies to make an impact here in Day 1? And will title gold go to an established competitor, or will we see a new star Duelist minted here this weekend. Day 1 is about to kick off, so welcome to the final Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series of the 2015-2016 season, right here in the Great White North.

Welcome, to YCS Toronto!