YCS Toronto Bounty Duelists!

August 27th, 2016

The Bounty Duelists are here at YCS Toronto!

At each Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event, select Duelists are chosen to be “Bounty Duelists” during the Swiss Rounds of the tournament. Each of those Duelists is allotted a stack of booster packs at the start of the tournament; but the recipient of those packs depends on the outcome of the Bounty Duelist’s Matches.

Here’s the list of Bounty Duelists for YCS Toronto:


(1.) Bohdan Temnyk

(2.) Tyree Samuel Tinsley

(3.) Ali Yassine

(4.) David Tan Bui

(5.) Franco Thomas Ferrara

(6.) Aaron Chase Furman

(7.) Thomas Mak

(8.) Justin Delhon


At the start of each Round, 4 booster packs will be removed from each Bounty Duelist’s initial allocation and added to that Bounty Duelist’s “Bounty Pile.” If the Bounty Duelist wins his Match during that Round, he will receive 2 booster packs from his Bounty Pile. If he loses, the Duelist who defeated him will receive all of the packs in that Bounty Duelist’s Bounty Pile! The longer a Bounty Duelist goes undefeated, the more packs that the Duelist who defeats him will receive. If a Bounty Duelist manages to go undefeated in the Swiss Rounds, he will receive all of the packs in the Bounty Pile. Defeating a Bounty Duelist is a quick way to accumulate packs, so participants in this weekend’s tournament are eager to be paired up against them.

Only Duelists who pre-registered for the tournament were eligible to be selected as Bounty Duelists.