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UDS Invitational Chicago: Round 9 Feature Match: Aaron Furman vs. Matthew Cairoli

September 18th, 2016

Welcome to Day 2 of the Summer 2016 UDS Invitational! The 32 best Duelists from yesterday have advanced to play four more rounds of Swiss before cutting to the Top 8. This Match pairs up two friends from New Jersey, Aaron Furman and Matthew Cairoli. Cairoli is packing the Magician Pendulum Deck, something we’ve seen quite a bit over the last year. Furman is also using a Pendulum Deck, but he’s using the new Metalfoes! Will the cool new Metalfoes take it, or will the Magicians show why they’ve been a top Deck for so long?

Duel 1

Cairoli won the roll and chose to play first. He played Sky Iris and Xiangke Magician. Sky Iris destroyed Xiangke and let him search for Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. He played it in his Pendulum Zone, Set a back row card, and passed his turn. In the End Phase, he used Odd-Eyes to search out Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku.

Furman had Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, Metalfoes Silverd, Metalfoes Volflame, Pot of Desires, Jowgen the Spiritualist, and Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow. He Special Summoned Gofu, then Special Summoned two Vague Shadow Tokens. He played Metalfoes Silverd in his Pendulum Zone, and had it destroy a Token so he could Set Metalfoes Fusion from his Deck. He Normal Summoned Bunbuku next, and added Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin to his hand. He played Volflame in his Pendulum Zone and had it destroy his second Vague Shadow Token, to Set Metalfoes Counter from the Deck. Then, he played Pot of Desires! He drew Rescue Rabbit and Metalfoes Goldriver. He tuned Gofu to Bunbuku to Synchro Summon Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer! He used its effect, destroying his Silverd to shuffle away Cairoli’s back row card. He put Goldriver in his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Silverd, Rescue Rabbit, Kirin, and Bunbuku! He flipped Metalfoes Fusion, and combined his Silverd and Rescue Rabbit into Metalfoes Adamante! Metalfoes Fusion went back into his Deck, and Furman drew Steelen. He attacked with Bunbuku, Ignister Prominence, Adamante, and Kirin, wiping out Cairoli’s Life Points on the very first turn!

r9 game 1

Duel 2

Cairoli chose to play first again. He played Summoner’s Art to search out Dragonpit Magician, then used Terraforming to find Majesty’s Pegasus. Pot of Desires was next, banishing ten cards so he could draw two. He played Magical Abductor in his Pendulum Zone, then activated Upstart Goblin. He played Pendulum Call, discarding Dragonpit Magician, and added a Dragonpit Magician and Xiangke Magician to his hand. He activated Majesty’s Pegasus, then removed three Spell Counters from Magical Abductor to add Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku to his hand. He played it to search out Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin, then used Majesty’s Pegasus to Tribute Bunbuku and play Majespecter Fox – Kyubi. He searched out Majespecter Tempest. He Set two to his back row, and Pendulum Summoned Kirin in Defense Position, and Xiangke and Mist Valley Apex Avian in Attack Position!

Matthew Cairoli can't believe how much he loves Yu-Gi-Oh

Furman had a hand of Pot of Desires, Metalfoes Fusion, Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin, Archfiend Eccentrick, Metalfoes Steelen, and drew another Metalfoes Steelen. He played Eccentrick, and had it negated by Apex Avian. He played Kirin and Steelen in his Pendulum Zones, and had Steelen destroy Kirin to search his Deck for Metalfoes Counter. He used Pot of Desires and drew Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and another Pot of Desires. He activated Luster Pendulum in his Pendulum Zone, and used its effect to destroy Steelen. That let him add Silverd from his Deck to his hand. He Normal Summoned it, and played Metalfoes Fusion to combine it with the Steelen in his hand, for Metalfoes Orichalc. Metalfoes Fusion returned to the Deck, and Furman drew Metalfoes Silverd. He attacked with Orichalc, and it was bounced away by Kirin. In Main Phase 2, he tried to Pendulum Summon and was shut down by Majespecter Tempest! He wasn’t going to make it back from this position, and conceded.

r9 game 2

Duel 3

Furman played first this time, with a hand of Painful Decision, Pot of Desires, Metalfoes Goldriver, Archfiend Eccentrick, and Twin Twisters. He played Eccentrick and Goldriver in his Pendulum Zones. Goldriver destroyed Eccentrick so he could Set Metalfoes Counter from his Deck. He activated Painful Decision and chose Metalfoes Steelen. He activated Pot of Desires, and drew Metalfoes Silverd and Metalfoes Goldriver. He played Goldriver in his Pendulum Zone, and had it destroy his other Goldriver to Set another Metalfoes Counter from his Deck. He played Silverd and had it destroy Goldriver, Setting Metalfoes Fusion. He Pendulum Summoned Eccentrick in Defense Position and both Goldrivers in Attack Position, then activated Metalfoes Fusion! He combined the Goldrivers for Metalfoes Orichalc, then drew Solemn Strike with Fusion. He had Steelen destroy Silverd, and he got his third Metalfoes Counter to the field. He Set Strike and Twin Twisters to finish, with no cards in hand.

Cairoli played Magical Abductor in his Pendulum Zone. He used Summoner’s Art to get Dragonpit Magician, then played Sky Iris. He played Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn, and used Abductor to search for Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku. He Normal Summoned it, and searched out Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin. Sky Iris destroyed Bunbuku to search for Odd-Eyes Fusion. He played Odd-Eyes Fusion, combining Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon for Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon in Defense Position. He Pendulum Summoned Kirin and Apex Avian, and lost them to Solemn Strike! He passed with no further plays.

Furman drew Painful Decision. In the Draw Phase, he flipped Twin Twisters, discarding Painful Decision to destroy Abductor and Sky Iris. He used Steelen to destroy his Eccentrick and Set Metalfoes Fusion, then flipped all three copies of Metalfoes Counter! He Special Summoned three copies of Metalfoes Volflame to the field in Defense Position! He flipped up Metalfoes Fusion, using two Volflame to Fusion Summon Metalfoes Orichalc in Defense Position, and he drew Twin Twisters with Fusion. He Set it, with no cards in hand again.

Cairoli played another Sky Iris, and put Dragonpit Magician in his Pendulum Zone. He destroyed his Magician with Sky Iris so he could add Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to his hand. He played it in his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Dragonpit Magician in Defense Position. He stacked Dragonpit and Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon for Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon! It attacked, and negated its own attack so he could Special Summoned Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon! Cairoli Set one back row card, and in the End Phase, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon destroyed itself so Cairoli could get Bunbuku in his hand.

Furman drew Typhoon. He had Steelen destroy Orichalc, and he Set Metalfoes Fusion. When Orichalc was destroyed, it activated its effect and was negated by Vortex Dragon. He flipped Twin Twisters next, and destroyed Majespecter Tempest and Sky Iris. Furman banished Metalfoes Counter to Special Summon Goldriver, then used Metalfoes Fusion to combine his Metalfoes for another Metalfoes Orichalc, drawing Bunbuku with Fusion. He used Silverd to destroy Metalfoes Orichalc and Set Metalfoes Fusion, and Orichalc destroyed Vortex Dragon. Furman then Pendulum Summoned two Goldriver and three Volflame! He stacked his Goldrivers for Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer, and Cairoli offered the handshake!

r9 game 3

Aaron Furman is the victor, with Metalfoes!