UDS Invitational Chicago: Top 8 Pairings

September 18th, 2016

Here are the Top 8 matchups!

Aaron Furman (Metalfoes) vs. Andrew Fredella (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss)

Kamal Crooks-Valdez (Blue-Eyes) vs. Thomas Rowe (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss)

Alejandro Alvarado (Blue-Eyes) vs. Jose Uriel Diaz (Kozmo)

Corey Roca (Blue-Eyes) vs. Chandler Sanford (Majespecter)

The Top 8 has some nice variety, with five different strategies represented. Blue-Eyes White Dragon Decks are the most popular, with three represented, followed by two of the Phantom Knight/Burning Abyss combination Decks. After that, there’s one each of Metalfoes, Majespecters, and Kozmo. At this point, it looks like anything could win!