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YCS Mexico City QQ: Which Deck Do You Think Will Win This Weekend?

September 17th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Now that a brand new Forbidden & Limited List is in effect, it’s anyone’s guess which Decks will rise to the top of the competitive scene. Will Monarchs, Pendulums, Burning Abyss, or Kozmos maintain their dominance, or will new Decks displace them at the top tables? I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to see which Decks they think will win this weekend. Check out their responses!

“Blue-Eyes.” – Arturo Flores

“Blue-Eyes.” – Brandon Ossiel Aguilar Gonzalez

“Blue-Eyes.” – Daniel Ballesteros Limon

“Kozmo.” – Vianey Montserrat Mundo Rivero

“Blue-Eyes.” – Jose Carlos Sanchez

“Pendulums.” – Francisco Guzman

“Blue-Eyes.” – Joaquin Rinadli

“Burning Abyss Phantom Knight.” – Luis Fennado Padilla Cisan

“Blue-Eyes.” – Manuel Alejandro Hurtarte

“Kozmo.” – Jorge Bernal

“Blue-Eyes.” – Marcos Gutierrez Sanchez

“A Pendulum variant.” – Francisco Javier Santiago

“Lightsworn with Minerva.” – Jose Carlos Marzan

“Mermail Atlanteans.” – Jose Daniel Soto Perez

“Shiranui Zombie Synchro.” – Jose Manuel Laso

“Blue-Eyes.” – Diego Alberto Reza

“Metalfoes/Majespecters.” – Bryan Omar De Leon Espinosa

“Metalfoes.” – Diliplal Antonio Daryani

“Burning Abyss.” – Jose Alberto Perez Garcia

“Blue-Eyes.” – Carlos Ivan Cardenas Flores

“Yang Zings with Metalfoes.” – Carlos Ignacio Aguilar

“Blue-Eyes or Dark Magician.” – Erick Alejandro Vicario Quintero

Decks built around the Blue-Eyes White Dragon seem to be the favorite to win this weekend, but it’s anyone’s guess which Deck will emerge on top. In our first three Feature Matches of the weekend, we saw 6 different Decks compete: a Blue-Eyes Deck, a Zombie Deck, a Pendulum-based Deck, a D/D Deck, a Madolche Deck, and a Monarch Deck. The field is wide open for Duelists to compete with the Decks they like most. Which Deck will win this weekend? Follow the coverage to find out!