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YCS Mexico City: The OTS Tournament Series!

September 18th, 2016

Do you think your Official Tournament Store (OTS) attracts the strongest Duelists? Is your local tournament a training ground for the most skilled players? Now you can prove it by competing in the OTS Tournament Series!

The OTS Tournament Series is a series of events specifically designed for teams of players that attend tournaments at Official Tournament Stores. In order to compete in the OTS Tournament Series, you and your teammates must be approved by your OTS to represent their store. An Official Tournament Store may have any number of teams (3 Duelists per team) represent it, but each OTS must pre-approve all of its teams through online registration prior to the event beginning.

The OTS Tournament Series Tournament is conducted as a Swiss Tournament, with each Duelist on one team Dueling against a player on an opposing team in each round. Each one-on-one Duel counts as a single Duel in the overall Match score. Therefore, one team defeats an opposing team by winning Duels against two of that team’s players.

The team that wins the tournament gets to bring home an OTS Tournament Series plaque for their OTS to proudly display. That way, all of that stores patrons can immediately see the caliber of Duelists that attend their weekly tournaments.

In addition, each member of the winning team earns several booster packs and an exclusive 4×4 uncut sheet containing a total of 16 Secret Rare cards.

The inaugural OTS Tournament Series Tournament was a huge success here in Mexico City, with a total of 41 teams (123 Duelists) competing. Many of the Duelist showed up in store jerseys, proudly representing their home turf, as you can see in the picture below.


The next OTS Tournament Series event will take place at YCS Rio on November 12th and 13th. If you and two teammates want to compete, ask your local OTS if you can represent them!