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YCS Mexico City: Top Tables Update – Top 32

September 18th, 2016

The field of players has been cut down to just 32 Duelists! Check out who’s Dueling in the Top 32, and take a look at which Decks they’re using!

Table 1: Alejandro Aldair Navarro Sanchez (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss) vs. Alexander Swagemakers Valadez (Metalfoes)

Table 2: Angel Ibarra Barcenas (Kozmo) vs. Juan Carlos Cruz Dorantes (Metalfoes Qliphort)

Table 3: Alejandro Sebastian Zacarias Dzul (Kozmo) vs. Carlos Enrique Gonzalez Sima (Gadget Artifacts)

Table 4: Jose Anthony Bren Osores (Kozmo) vs. Alexander Von Soto (Blue-Eyes)

Table 5: Salvador Molina Ochoa (Metalfoes Qliphort) vs. Salvador Ponce Valdes (Blue-Eyes)

Table 6: Anibal Uriel Valverde Mendoza (Blue-Eyes) vs. Gerardo Sotomayor Meza (Blue-Eyes)

Table 7: Alejandro Viveros Luis (Metalfoes) vs. Ismael Campos Altamirano (Kozmo)

Table 8: Cesar Adrian Hernandez Aguilar (Atlantean Mermail) vs. Luis Oscar Merlos Camacho (Atlantean Mermail)

Table 9: Jose Carlos Marzan Figueroa (Lightsworn) vs. Saul Isidoro Medina (Zombies)

Table 10: Oscar Alexis Vargas Martinez (Blue-Eyes) vs. Manuel Larios Iglesias (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss)
Table 11: Ricardo Ruiz Mendoza (Blue-Eyes) vs. Francisco Rodrigo Raya Farela (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss)

Table 12: Javier Alejandro Valadez Solis (DARK HERO Synchro) vs. Jonathan Giancarlo Galarza Arevalo (Odd-Eyes)

Table 13: Adrian Madriz Espinoza (Metalfoes Qliphort) vs. Daniel Alejandro Ocampo Palafox (Atlantean Mermails)

Table 14: Irvin Tostado Breton (Blue-Eyes) vs. Arnold Nadaban Zanabria (Blue-Eyes)

Table 15: Roberto Angel Alegria (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss) vs. Eduard Von Paulus Breiling Ramos (Stun)

Table 16: Marco Polo Morales Mascarenas (Dinomist) vs. Alexis Gerardo Jimenez Rodriguez (Blue-Eyes)

Counting Metalfoes with Qliphorts in it and Metalfoes without Qliphorts in it as two separate Deck types, that’s a total of 13 different Deck types in the Top 32!

Blue-Eyes Decks are the most represented in the Top 32, with 9 Duelists piloting them to a top cut finish. Nevertheless, despite their popularity this weekend, they still comprise less than one-third of the Decks in the Top 32.

Metalfoes seem to be the second most represented Deck in the Top 32, with 5 Metalfoes Decks making it to the top cut, including 3 Metalfoes Decks that use Qliphort monsters.

Kozmo Decks and Phantom Knight Burning Abyss Decks also had a strong showing this weekend, each placing 4 Duelists into the Top 32.

Atlantean Mermail Decks weren’t far behind, with 3 Duelists piloting an Atlantean Mermail Deck to a Top 32 finish.

Lightsworn, Zombie, Odd-Eyes, DARK HERO Synchro, Dinomist, Gadget Artifact, and Stun Decks are each represented by a single Duelist in the Top 32.

Will one of the many Blue-Eyes Decks in the Top 32 be victorious at the end of the weekend, or will one of the less-represented Decks overcome the invincible engine of destruction to take YCS Mexico City by storm? Follow the coverage to find out!