YCS Mexico City Wrap-Up!

September 20th, 2016

The first YCS of the new Advanced Format is finished! Guadalajara’s Adrian Madriz Espinoza used his Metalfoes Deck to defeat the competition and emerge as champion!

Trophy Shot

Before the tournament began, there was a lot of speculation that Decks focused around Blue-Eyes White Dragon would reign supreme under the new Forbidden & Limited List; but in the end, Madriz’s Pendulum-based strategy, reinforced by the new Metalfoes monsters in The Dark Illusion, proved to be too much for the competition to handle.

Despite the triumph of Espinoza and his Metalfoes, it was apparent throughout the weekend that lots of different Decks are able to successfully compete in the new Advanced Format. Thirteen different Decks made it into the Top 32, with the most represented Deck in the Top 32 (Blue-Eyes) ultimately falling in the Finals.

Will even more types of Decks emerge in the Top 32 at future YCS events, or will improvements made to already-discovered Decks simply cement their places in competitive play? YCS Mexico City is certain to set trends that will carry on for the rest of the Advanced Format. Moving forward, Duelists will need to be creative in order to adapt to the competitive scene as it develops.

In addition to brand-new Deck types solidifying a place on the competitive scene this weekend, brand new “tech” cards emerged for the new Advanced Format. “Tech” cards are carefully chosen to defeat the most popular competitive Decks, so it’s tough to pick them out for the first tournament in an Advanced Format. But Madriz’s decision to use Jowgen the Spiritualist in his Deck was key to his success, and appeared to be one of the best “tech” choices of the weekend. In the Finals Feature Match, Madriz’s Jowgen the Spiritualist single-handedly shut down the runner-up’s Blue-Eyes Deck in both Duels, allowing Madriz to take a speedy 2-0 victory.

The emphasis on Special Summoning in the new Advanced Format – particularly with Monarch Decks seemingly out of the picture – has made other cards with effects similar to Jowgen’s effect popular tech choices this weekend. Vanity’s Fiend (most recently in OTS Tournament Pack 1) and Vanity’s Emptiness (most recently in the special booster, The Secret Forces), for example, both made appearances at the Feature Match table this weekend. As the new Advanced Format develops, new tech cards are certain to emerge.

This weekend was also the inaugural OTS Tournament Series event! Forty-one teams (123 Duelists) competed in this bran-new event, with representatives of the “Raptor’s Corp.” Official Tournament Store (OTS) taking first place.

OTS First Place Team

YCS Mexico City was an exciting event, and it set the tone for an innovative and intriguing Advanced Format. Duelists all over the world are already testing out new Decks and new cards, inspired by this weekend’s tournament, in an effort to prepare for the next big event. But for now, let’s all congratulate the reigning YCS Champion, Adrian Madriz Espinoza!