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QQ: Which Deck Will Win This Weekend?

October 16th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Even though most Duelists expect Blue-Eyes and Metalfoes to perform the best this weekend, there are several other strategies that could definitely take down the tournament. From Burning Abyss Phantom Knight to Majespecter, there are tons of different options depending on what angle you want to attack the tournament from. We asked Duelists what they thought would win the Main Event. Check out their responses!

“Lightsworn!” – James Sledd

“Majespecter.” – Michael Hilario

“Blue-Eyes!” – Ching Chen

“One of the Majespecter variants.” – Colin Fischer

“Burning Abyss Phantom Knight!” – Joseph Costello

“Either Blue-Eyes or Majespecter.” – Zach Butler

“Metalfoes.” – Tristan Seaglund

“Dark Magician!” – David Robinson

“Blue-Eyes.” – Brandon Hassel

“Majespecter.” – Aaron Elizondo

“Blue-Eyes!” – Mason Dorseth

While Blue-Eyes is the most popular choice, there were a ton of votes for Majespecter! With Ties of the Brethren, the strategy has taken a new dimension and it makes sense that so many Duelists think it will have a successful weekend. What will win? Stay tuned!