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Saturday’s Dragon Duel Finals: Tate Mack vs. Rohan Motie

October 15th, 2016

Dragon Duels are special tournaments that are only open to Duelists born in the year 2003 or later.  Dragon Duels held at this weekend’s YCS here in Minneapolis use the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed Format.  All competitors are handed a pile of cards made from 10 random packs of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and build a Deck out of that to use in the tournament.  We’re at table 1 in the final round of today’s Dragon Duel, where Tate Mack from Minneapolis is facing off against Rohan Motie from Orlando, Florida! One of these two Duelists will become Saturday’s Dragon Duel Champion, and we’re about to find out who it’ll be. It’s time to Duel!

Duel One

Tate Mack elected to go second in the first Duel.

Rohan Motie started off by Setting 2 Spell or Trap Cards to his back row and Normal Summoning Amazoness Sage.




Mack drew Reckless Greed.  He activated Graceful Charity, drawing White Night Dragon, Shield Crush and Morphing Jar, and then discarded Morphing Jar and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter.  He set a monster and 2 cards to his back row before passing.

Motie Tributed Sage to Tribute Summon Freed the Matchless General.  Mack activated Reckless Greed to draw 2 cards.  Freed attacked into Mack’s face-down Stealth Bird, destroying it in battle.

Mack skipped his Draw Phase due to the effect of Reckless Greed.  He set Naturia Strawberry and passed.

Motie declined to use Freed’s effect and drew for turn. He Normal Summoned Big Jaws.  He attacked with Big Jaws to destroy a face-down Naturia Strawberry and attacked directly with Freed the Matchless GeneralBig Jaws was banished at the end of the Battle Phase due to its effect.

Mack skipped his second Draw Phase due to Reckless Greed.  His hand was Autonomous Action Unit, White Night Dragon, Shield Crush and Interdimensional Matter Transporter.  He played Autonomous Action Unit, Special Summoning Amazoness Sage from Motie’s Graveyard!  He Normal Summoned Ape Fighter and combined his two Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia!  He set Interdimensional Matter Transporter and passed his turn.

Motie Set a Spell or Trap Card and passed his turn.

Mack Normal Summoned Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite and tried to attack directly with it, but Motie activated Scapegoat! Two Sheep Tokens were destroyed by attacks from Zephyros and Utopia.  In the End Phase, Motie activated Call of the Haunted, Special Summoning Freed the Matchless General!

Motie drew for turn, and then activated Enemy Controller, Tributing a Sheep Token to take control of Number 39: Utopia!  In the Battle Phase, Utopia attacked Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite but Mack activated Interdimensional Matter Transporter thinking he could banish his opponent’s monster; but the Trap Card can only target a player’s own monster!  Interdimensional Matter Transporter was forced to banish Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite, and with a clear field, all of Motie’s monsters attacked to end the first Duel!


dd sat game 1


Duel Two

Mack elected for Motie to go first in Duel 2.

Motie set a Spell/Trap Card and a monster and passed his first turn.

Mack Normal Summoned Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite and attacked into a Dark ResonatorDark Resonator was not destroyed by battle due to its own effect.




Motie Normal Summoned Zolga and attacked into Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite, destroying Zephyros and inflicting 100 points of damage.

Mack drew and activated Graceful Charity!  He drew 3 cards and discarded Shine Knight and Morphing Jar.  He Set Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and passed.

Motie Normal Summoned Fox Fire and attacked into Ryko with Zolga. Ryko’s effect destroyed Zolga in return!  Fox Fire attacked directly.

Mack Set a monster and passed.

Motie Set a monster and switched Fox Fire into Defense Position.

Mack Flip Summoned Stealth Bird, inflicting 1000 points of damage to Motie!  He then Tribute Summoned Freed the Matchless General!  He set a Spell or Trap Card to his back row, and then Freed attacked into the face-down Mysterious Guard!  Guard’s effect sent Freed back to the top of Mack’s deck.  In Main Phase 2, he equipped Darkworld Shackles to Dark Resonator!

Motie drew Mystical Space Typhoon and activated it to destroy Darkworld Shackles.  He then Normal Summoned Blizzard Dragon and attacked directly for 1800 points of damage!

Mack drew Freed the Matchless General.  He set a monster and passed.

Motie drew and Normal Summoned Wind-Up Warrior.  He used Wind-Up Warrior’s effect to have it target itself, and it attacked into the face-down The CalculatorBlizzard Dragon attacked directly.

Mack Set a Giant Soldier of Stone and passed.

Motie Normal Summoned Skilled White Magician, filling his field of monsters.  Skilled White Magician attacked into Giant Soldier of Stone, dealing 300 damage to Motie and flipping the Giant Soldier of Stone face-up.

Mack Set a Spell or Trap Card and Tributed Giant Soldier of Stone to Summon Freed the Matchless General.  Freed attacked into Wind-Up Warrior, but Motie activated Needle Ceiling to destroy all face-up monsters on the field!  Mack Chained Blast with Chain targeting Freed.  When the chain resolved, all 5 of Motie’s monsters and Mack’s Freed were destroyed.  In Main Phase 2, Mack activated Autonomous Action Unit, Special Summoning Blizzard Dragon.

Motie set a monster and passed.

Mack Normal Summoned Blue Thunder T-45.  He attacked into a face-down Blast Sphere which equipped to Blue Thunder.  Blizzard Dragon attacked directly for 1800 points of damage.

Motie Normal Summoned Beast King Barbaros without Tributing any monsters.  He attacked into Blizzard Dragon, destroying it and dealing 100 points of damage.

In Mack’s Standby Phase, the Blast Sphere equipped to Blue Thunder blew up, taking Blue Thunder down and inflicting 900 points of damage to Mack.

Motie attacked with Beast King Barbaros, and that was the end of the match!

dd sat game 2

Rohan Motie is Saturday’s Dragon Duel Champion!