Top Tables Update: Round 7

October 16th, 2016

Check out the top 10 tables in Round 7 of YCS Minneapolis!

Table 1: Braedon Hooker (Majespecter) vs. Mark Myatt (Metalfoes)

Table 2: Christopher Pierczynski (Metalfoes) vs. Marcus Hayden (Metalfoes)

Table 3: Gaetan Georges (Blue-Eyes) vs. Dyland Tischer (Blue-Eyes)

Table 4: Dakota Angeloff (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Jovanny Castillo (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)

Table 5: Paul Cooper (Fluffal Herald) vs. Kevin Malone (Majespecter)

Table 6: Kevin Ward (Majespecter) vs. Samuel Cohen (Blue-Eyes)

Table 7: Samuel Shaner (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Cody Thoring (Lightsworn)

Table 8: Eden Salins (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Stephen Silverman (Blue-Eyes)

Table 9: Joseph Castillo (D/D/D) vs. Brandon Wong (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)

Table 10: Carl Manigat (Blue-Eyes) vs. Dionicio Ayala (Zombie Lightsworn)

There’s still lots of Deck diversity at the top tables in Round 7! Majespecters, Metalfoes, Blue-Eyes, Burning Abyss Phantom Knights, Fluffal Herald, Lightsworn, D/D/D, and Zombies are all present at the top ten tables. Which of these Decks will make it into the Top 32? Follow the coverage to find out!