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YCS Anaheim Dragon Duel Feature Match: Rohan Motie vs. Roman Gonzales

November 27th, 2016

It’s the final round of Saturday’s Dragon Duel tournament! We’ve got Rohan Motie, from Florida. Motie recently won the title of YCS Minneapolis Dragon Duel Champion, and he’s looking for a repeat. As he is currently undefeated, he’s got a great shot at winning the tournament today. His opponent is Roman Gonzales, from Temecula, CA. Motie had defeated Gonzales’s brother earlier in the tournament, so Gonzales said he was going to avenge his brother! This is as close to a real life episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! as you’ll get, folks! If Motie can stay undefeated, he’ll take first place. If Gonzales can with this, it’ll come down to tiebreakers.

Duel 1

Gonzales began with a hand of Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Twin-Headed Behemoth, Blast with Chain, and Twin-Sword Marauder. He Set his Trap Cards and Normal Summoned Behemoth.

Motie Normal Summoned Milla the Temporal Magician used it to look at Gonzales’s Blast with Chain. He attacked Behemoth with Milla, and Gonzales flipped Blast with Chain to win the battle.

Gonzales drew Prideful Roar. He played his Marauder, and sent it and Behemoth to attack directly.

Motie Set a monster.

Gonzales drew The Calculator. He Tributed Summoned Gorz using his two monsters, and sent it to destroy Motie’s Set Grave Protector.

Motie Set a monster.

Gonzales drew a second copy of The Calculator! He played one, and along with Gorz The Calculator’s ATK was 2700! It destroyed Motie’s Set Card Trooper, giving Motie a new card with Trooper’s effect. Gorz attacked directly, and Gonzales Set Prideful Roar.

Motie dropped to 400 Life Points to activate Autonomous Action Unit! He took Gonzales’s Marauder, and Gonzales took it back with Compulsory Evacuation Device! That left Motie wide open, and Gonzales sent Gorz to finish the Duel!

Duel 2

Motie began with Burden of the Mighty, two more Set back row cards, and Naturia Strawberry.

Amazoness Sage, Spell Shield Type-8, Vortex Trooper, Dark Resonator, Doomcaliber Knight, and King Tiger Wanghu. He Set Resonator and Spell Shield.

Motie played Hardened Armed Dragon, and his two monsters took out Resonator.

Gonzales drew Premature Burial. He played Vortex Trooper, returning Wanghu and Sage to his Deck so he could draw Shadow Spell and Compulsory Evacuation Device. He Set them, used Premature Burial to revive Resonator, and passed his turn.

Motie Tribute Summoned Super Conductor Tyranno, but even Hardened Armed Dragon’s effect couldn’t save it from Compulsory Evacuation Device!

Gonzales drew Charcoal Inpachi. He played Doomcaliber Knight, and moved to the Battle Phase. Resonator and Doomcaliber attacked directly, putting Motie down to 5500 Life Points.

Motie Set a monster.

Gonzales drew The Calculator! He Normal Summoned it, now at a whopping 3700 ATK! It rolled over Motie’s Level Eater, leaving him wide open. However, Motie used Battle Fader to save himself! (Note: At this point, Doomcaliber Knight should have negated Battle Fader, but neither player noticed until later.)

Motie Normal Summoned Zombyra the Dark. He moved to his Battle Phase, but Zombyra was shut down by Shadow Spell!

Gonzales drew Cyber Jar. He Set his Inpachi and passed his turn.

Motie Tributed Zombyra and Battle Fader for Super Conductor Tyranno, and had it destroy Doomcaliber Knight.

Gonzales drew Caius the Shadow Monarch! He Tributed Dark Resonator for Caius, banishing Tyranno! He attacked with Caius, and Motie used Half or Nothing to end the Battle Phase!

Motie played Wind-Up Dog, and destroyed Vortex Trooper. Trooper’s effect let Gonzales draw Exarion Universe.

Gonzales drew Fighting Spirit. He equipped it to Caius. The Calculator attacked and destroyed Wind-Up Dog, and Motie used Liberty at Last! to clear Gonzales’s field! Gonzales Set Cyber Jar.

Motie passed with just a back row card and Burden of the Mighty.

Gonzales drew and Set Damage Gate. He played Exarion Universe, attacking directly. Motie decided that both players should take the damage instead, as he flipped Ring of Destruction!

Motie passed.

Gonzales drew Big Shield Gardna. He Set it.

Motie played Voltic Kong and passed.

Gonzales drew Grave Squirmer and Set it.

Motie played Milla the Temporal Magician and looked at a Set card.

Gonzales drew King Tiger Wanghu and Set it.

Motie turned Milla and Voltic Kong to Defense Position, and Special Summoned Backup Warrior! It destroyed Grave Squirmer, which destroyed Backup Warrior.

Gonzales drew Bazoo the Soul-Eater! He played it, banishing three monsters to power it up. It wiped out Milla, then Gonzales flipped up Wanghu in Main Phase 2.

Motie Tributed Voltic Kong for Ambitious Gofer! It destroyed Cyber Jar and Big Shield Gardna with its effect, then wiped out Wanghu in battle.

Gonzales drew Horn of the Unicorn! He equipped it to Bazoo, used its effect, and attacked… and Motie flipped Blast with Chain! Bazoo lost the battle, and Gonzales used Damage Gate to revive Grave Squirmer.

Motie played Possessed Dark Soul, and used it to take Grave Squirmer! Motie sent his Ambitious Gofer in to finish the Duel!

After an intense Duel, the score is even! It will all come down to this final Duel!

Duel 3

Motie began with a Set monster and a Set back row card.

Gonzales had a hand of Caius the Shadow Monarch, Dark Resonator, Ego Boost, United We Stand, Exarion Universe, and Doomcaliber Knight. He Set his Spells, then played Exarion Universe. He then flipped up United We Stand, boosting it to 2600 ATK. It attacked and destroyed Motie’s Card Trooper, and Motie drew a new card.

Motie Set a monster.

Gonzales drew Level Warrior. He played Doomcaliber Knight, and attacked with Exarion Universe. It revealed Motie’s Set Old Vindictive Magician, which was negated by Doomcaliber Knight.

Motie Set a monster.

Gonzales drew Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. He Normal Summoned Dark Resonator, and Exarion Universe wiped out Motie’s Set Grave Protector. Resonator attacked directly.

Motie used Pot of Duality, revealing Reckless Greed, Soul Exchange, and Super Conductor Tyranno. He took Soul Exchange, and used it to Tribute Exarion Universe for Skull Archfiend of Lightning!

Gonzales drew Twin-Headed Behemoth. He Normal Summoned it and passed.

Motie paid 500 Life Points for his Archfiend. He used Autonomous Action Unit to Special Summon Exarion Universe, then Normal Summoned Archfiend Soldier. Soldier attacked Behemoth, and Gonzales used Ego Boost to win the battle! Exarion Universe and Skull Archfiend of Lightning attacked and destroyed Dark Resonator.

Gonzales drew Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts. He Tribute Summoned Caius the Shadow Monarch, and targeted Skull Archfiend! Motie rolled a dice for Skull Archfiend’s effect, but it failed! Skull Archfiend was banished, and Motie took 1000 damage. Caius attacked Exarion Universe, but was stopped by Half or Nothing.

Motie Set a monster, played Burden of the Mighty, and crashed Exarion into the now weakened Caius.

Gonzales drew Night Assailant. He Set Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts.

Motie played Theban Nightmare, and it destroyed Tanngrisnir in battle. Tanngrisnir Special Summoned two Nordic Beast Tokens.

Gonzales drew Cyber Jar. He Tributed his tokens for Gorz, and sent it to destroy Theban Nightmare. Motie had 2100 Life Points remaining, to Gonzales’s 6300.

Motie Tribute Summoned Ambitious Gofer, but its effect was negated by revealing a monster. Since Gorz was weakened by Burden of the Mighty, Gofer destroyed it in battle.

Gonzales drew Twin-Sword Marauder. He Set Night Assailant.

Gofer used its effect, and was negated again. It attacked Night Assailant, and the monsters destroyed each other. He played Abyssal Kingshark to finish the turn.

Gonzales drew Graceful Charity! He used it to draw Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, Fabled Ashenveil, and Shadow Spell. He discarded Twin-Sword Marauder and Level Warrior. He Set Ashenveil and Shadow Spell to end the turn.

Kingshark destroyed Ashenveil in battle, and Motie Set a monster.

Gonzales drew Blast with Chain and Set it. He Set Cyber Jar.

Kingshark attacked, but was stopped by Shadow Spell.

Gonzales played Ape Fighter to destroy Kingshark.

Motie Set another back row card and a monster.

Gonzales drew Prideful Roar. He Tributed his face-down Cyber Jar for Zaborg, destroying Motie’s Set Possessed Dark Soul. Ape Fighter got blocked by Magic Cylinder, and in his haste Gonzales forgot to attack with Zaborg! However, Motie had no follow-up, and Gonzales attacked next turn for the win!

Roman Gonzales wins the Match, restoring his family honor!