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YCS Anaheim: Public Events Close Up

November 27th, 2016

Besides the Main Event, every YCS has a ton of awesome Public Events! There are all kinds of exclusive prizes for these special events – let’s take a look!

For Structure Deck tournaments, you get to crack open a Structure Deck and play right out of the box. Our current Structure Decks are Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba, and the prize is a game mat featuring the Deck’s ultimate monsters! Yugi’s features Dark Magician and Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior, while Kaiba’s has Blue-Eyes White Dragon and A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon!

Kaiba Structure Mat

Structure Deck Yugi Mat


Win-A-Mat tournaments are pretty self-explanatory. If you win, you get a mat! The current Win-A-Mat prize features Yuto and his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.

Yuto Win A Mat


And here’s the upgraded form of Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, the awesome Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon! This is the new Regional Qualifier game mat, which you can start winning here at YCS Anaheim.

Dark Requiem Regional Mat


In the Generation Duel, you choose one of the five eras of Dueling to represent! They’re each designed to bring out the very best of their time periods: the Classic format allows you to use the best Forbidden cards, GX has awesome Fusion cards, 5D’s focuses on Synchro Summons, Zexal has Xyz Monsters, and ARC-V mirrors our current Advanced Format. Each era has a different Forbidden & Limited List, so choose carefully. The top four players if Generation Duel get a game mat based on what era they chose. Click here to get more info on Generation Duel, and to see each of the Forbidden & Limited Lists.

Classic Generation Duel

GX Generation Duel

5D's Generation Duel

Zexal Generation Duel

ARC-V Generation Duel


In ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!, Duelists face off to win GIANT versions of awesome cards! The cards even have foil finishes, just like regular cards! This event has GIANT copies of Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon and Starving Venom Fusion Dragon!

GIANT Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon

GIANT Starving Venom Fusion Dragon


The 3 vs 3 Team Dueling event pits three Duelists against three others, each in their own Duels. Winning your own Duels won’t be enough – your teammates must win too! Whichever team wins two out of their three Duels is the winner. The top teams in the event win these awesome uncut sheets of Secret Rare cards. This time, they’re from Invasion: Vengeance.

3v3 Prizing


The School Tournament Series is similar to the 3 vs 3 Team Dueling, but especially designed for students. Your teammates will need to attend the same school as you! The top teams will earn booster packs, a Yu-Gi-Oh! jotter, uncut sheets of Secret Rares, and donations to their school. Plus, first place team members each get a School Tournament Series plaque!

School Tournament Prizes

School Tournament Plaque


For Duelists born 2004 or after, there’s a free tournament! The format is Sealed Play with Battle Pack: Epic Dawn. The top four Duelists get this awesome T-shirt featuring Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon! Plus, they get a game mat and medals!

Dragon Duel Shirt


The final Public Event is a very special event for YCS Anaheim. Recently, Konami employee Mike Sewell passed away. For years, Mike was instrumental in helping to run Regional, YCS, and WCQ events. If you attended any high-level events in the last decade, there’s a strong chance that Mike was involved. To honor his memory, a charity tournament is being held, with all proceeds going to Reading to Kids.

The format for the tournament is Ultimate Pegasus Challenge, one of Mike’s favorite events. It’s a fun, unpredictable event with rule changes throughout the tournament. All players will receive Turbo or Astral Packs, and the top four players will receive additional packs. Plus, there will be some Konami employees entered in the tournament. If you can defeat them, you’ll get extra prizes!

Now that you’ve had a look at the awesome prizes for Public Events, come try them out!