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YCS Anaheim Round 3 Feature Match: Aaron Furman vs. Adam Pham

November 27th, 2016

We’re here in Round 3 with our Ultimate Duelist, Aaron Furman, from New Jersey. He won the UDS Invitational in Chicago using Metalfoes, and he’s still playing the newest version of the Deck. As the Ultimate Duelist, he gets the VIP treatment at YCS events, including two free byes at the start of the tournament. That’s over now, though; he’ll have to start earning his stay in the tournament. For this round, he’s up against Adam Pham, from nearby Moreno Valley, in a Metalfoes Mirror Match!

Duel 1

Furman had Solemn Warning, Metalfoes Steelen, Metalfoes Silverd, Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin, and Raremetalfoes Bismugear. He played Kirin and Steelen in his Pendulum Zone, and used Steelen’s effect to destroy Kirin and place Fullmetalfoes Fusion on the field. He played Bismugear next, and it destroyed Steelen to get Metalfoes Combination. He played Metalfoes Silverd, and Pendulum Summoned Kirin and Steelen in Defense Position. He used Silverd to destroy Bismugear, and Set another Fullmetalfoes Fusion. He Set Solemn Warning, and in the End Phase used Bismugear to get Metalfoes Steelen to his hand.

Adam Pham

Pham Special Summoned Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow, and Special Summoned two Vague Shadow Tokens. He played Bismugear in his Pendulum Zone, and had it destroy a Token so he could Set Fullmetalfoes Fusion. He used Pot of Desires next for two more cards. He placed Archfiend Eccentrick in his Pendulum Zone, and used it to destroy Furman’s Solemn Warning. Pham Set two more cards to his back row. During the End Phase, Furman flipped Fullmetalfoes Fusion and Metalfoes Combination! He combined Steelen on his field and Steelen in his hand for Metalfoes Mithrilium, then Special Summoned Steelen thanks to Combination. Then, he bounced Steelen back to his hand with Kirin so he could take out Pham’s remaining Token.

Furman drew Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, and played it so he could add another copy to his hand. He used his Silverd’s effect to destroy Bunbuku and get Metalfoes Fusion to the field. He activated it immediately, fusing Mithrilium and Steelen into Metalfoes Orichalc! Combination returned Mithrilium to the field! Furman used Metalfoes Fusion’s effect to draw Solemn Strike. He used Mithrilium’s effect, returning Fullmetalfoes Fusion and Metalfoes Steelen to his Deck to bounce away one of Pham’s back row cards. Furman Pendulum Summoned Bunbuku and Steelen, and moved to the Battle Phase. Orichalc destroyed Gofu, then Kirin, Mithrilium, and Bunbuku attacked directly to finish the Duel!

R3 G1 End

Duel 2

Pham chose to play first in this Duel, and began with Painful Decision, choosing Metalfoes Goldriver. He played Kirin and Goldriver in his Pendulum Zones, and used Goldriver to destroy Kirin. He Set Metalfoes Fusion to his field. Pot of Desires gave him two more cards, then played Metalfoes Steelen in his Pendulum Zone. He Pendulum Summoned Kirin in Defense Position, then Set two more cards to his back row.

Aaron Furman

Furman had 2 Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, Solemn Strike, Metalfoes Steelen, Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow, and Retaliating “C”. He Special Summoned Gofu, along with two Tokens. He Normal Summoned Bunbuku next, adding Kirin to his hand. At that point, Pham used his Kirin to have it return itself and Gofu to the players’ hands. Furman played Steelen in his Pendulum Zone, and had it destroy a Token so he could Set Metalfoes Combination. He played his second Bunbuku in the Pendulum Zone and Pendulum Summoned his own Kirin. Kirin and Bunbuku attacked directly, and Furman Set Solemn Strike to finish his turn.

Pham Pendulum Summoned Kirin and Metalfoes Volflame, and Solemn Strike destroyed them! Pham Set one card to his back row.

Furman drew another Solemn Strike. He flipped up Metalfoes Combination, and had Steelen destroy it and Set a new Combination from the Deck. The destroyed Combination’s effect activated in the Graveyard, and added Metalfoes Silverd to Furman’s hand. He Normal Summoned Silverd, and sent his monsters to finish off Pham’s Life Points!

R3 G2 End

Aaron Furman is the victor in this Metalfoes Match!