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Public Events Prizes

February 19th, 2017

At a YCS, there’s always a lot more going on than just the main tournament! Here’s just a few of the awesome prizes you can win at YCS Seattle.

The Pendulum Domination Structure Deck tournament gives each Duelist a copy of the Structure Deck, then puts them up against seven other Duelists. The winner takes home this awesome game mat featuring the Structure Deck’s key monsters!

Pendulum Domination game mat


Win-A-Mat tournaments let you bring your own Advanced Format Deck, and the winner gets a special game mat. The mat changes periodically – this sweet Aster Phoenix mat is debuting here at YCS Seattle!

Aster Phoenix Win-A-Mat


This season’s Regional Qualifier mat features the Zoodiacs! There are Regional Qualifiers being run as Public Events at every YCS, so you can even win one here at YCS Seattle.

Zoodiac Regional mat


One of our most popular Public Events returns again: It’s ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!

The cards for this weekend are Zoodiac Drident and Sea Monster of Theseus!

GIANT DridentGIANT Sea Monster of Theseus

Finally, the best Public Event in this writer’s opinion: It’s the Dragon Duel! Dragon Duel is open to Duelists born 2003 or later, and puts these young Duelists into a Sealed Play event with Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Decks!

Dragon Duel Decks

The top four Duelists get…

The Zoodiac Regional mat…

A Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon T-shirt…

Dragon Duel Shirt

And medals!

Dragon Duel Medal

The winner of the Saturday Dragon Duel tournament will face off against the winner of Sunday’s tournament, for a shot at a YCS Prize Card, a trophy, and the title of YCS Seattle Dragon Duel Champion!