Top 8 Deck Breakdown

February 19th, 2017

Here are the eight remaining Duelists of YCS Seattle!

Table 1: Billy Presley Brake (Infernoid) VS Alexis Roberto Rodriguez Jimenez (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 2: Maximillian John Edward Reynolds (Zoodiac) VS Grant Alexander Wilhelm (Infernoid)

Table 3: Daniel Craig Murdock (Zoodiac) VS Anthony Joseph Wenham (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 4: Anthony William Eckroth (Kaiju Zoodiac) VS Noah Reid Greene (Artifact Zoodiac)

There’s still a few Zoodiac Decks, with 2 standard, 3 Kaiju, and one Artifact variant. In addition, 2 of the Infernoid Decks moved on from last round. These were the two big strategies that were expected as the day began, and they’re clearly showing how strong they are today.