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YCS Seattle Top Table Update: Round 5

February 19th, 2017

We’re at the halfway point of Day 1 here at YCS Seattle. Let’s take a look at the top Duelists.

Table 1: Nicholas David, Fantus-Reininger (Zoodiac Metalfoes) VS Thomas Lai Ho Cheung (Zoodiac)

Table 2: Kevin Arthur Alvarez (Kaiju Zoodiac) VS Hai Jia Yue Qiao (Zoodiac)

Table 3: Ankit Shah (Infernoid) VS Jonathan Sam Lu (Kozmo Zoodiac)

Table 4: Zachary Bishop Williams-Stone (Paleozoic Zoodiac) VS Gerardo Varela (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 5: Thomas Anthony Savignano (Zoodiac) VS Mason William Blake (Kozmo)

Table 6: Davis Feng Ma (Zoodiac) VS Benjamin Keith Parker (Paleozoic Frogs)

Table 7: Jovanny Velsain Castillo (Kaiju Zoodiac) VS Mohammed Faisal Khan (Zoodiac)

Table 8: Zachary Scott Siepser (Kaiju Zoodiac) VS Jonathan Michael Martz (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 9: Ned Elliot Salkovitch (Kaiju Zoodiac) VS Anthony Joseph Wenham (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 10: Jason Anthony Nobile (Paleozoic Frogs) VS Nathan Elliot Rubinoff (Mermail)

Zoodiacs are looking to be a common strategy so far. In particular, the Kaiju variant is very popular, but we’re also seeing pure builds, and mixes with Metalfoes and other strategies. We’ll see how the top tables are developing as the tournament continues.