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YCS Atlanta: Dragon Duel Championship

March 6th, 2017

It all comes down to this! We have Tommy Armour, Saturday’s Dragon Duel winner, against Jackson Sayre, Sunday’s winner. While the Duelists used Sealed Decks in the main Dragon Duel tournaments, now they’ve got to win using their own Advanced Format Decks. The victor here will get a set of Darklord YCS Prize Cards, and a YCS Dragon Duel Champion trophy!

Tommy is eight years old (turning nine this month!), here from right here in Atlanta, and is using a Blue-Eyes Deck. Jackson is twelve, from the Chicago area, and brought along a Zoodiac Deck. The Zoodiac Deck has shown its strength in the Main Event, but you should never count out the raw power of Blue-Eyes!

Duel 1

The Duelists rolled two dice to see who’d play first. Tommy rolled a 10, and Jackson rolled a 10. Tommy rolled a 7, and Jackson rolled a 7. Tommy rolled a 5, and Jackson rolled… 8! He chose to play first. He began with a hand of Zoodiac Ratpier, Speedroid Terrortop, Zoodiac Thoroughblade, Solemn Strike, and Zoodiac Combo. He Special Summoned Terrortop, adding Speedroid Taketomborg to his hand. He Special Summoned that as well, and Xyz Summoned M-X-Saber Invoker. He used its effect to Special Summon Zoodiac Ratpier from his Deck. He used that to Special Summon Zoodiac Boarbow, and then had that become Zoodiac Tigermortar. He detached Boarbow to Special Summon a Ratpier from the Deck. He then turned Tigermortar into Zoodiac Broadbull, and Special Summoned another Ratpier. Then, he used Broadbull’s effect to add Coach Captain Bearman to his hand! He Normal Summoned it  and used its effect to make his Beast-Warriors Level 8, and Xyz Summoned Coach King Giantrainer! Using Giantrainer’s effect, he drew Upstart Goblin, Fire Formation – Tenki, and Maxx “C”! Giantrainer dealt 800 damage with the last card. He played Upstart Goblin next, and drew Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Tenki came next, adding Zoodiac Whiptail to Jackson’s hand. He used his Broadbull to Xyz Summon Zoodiac Drident, and Set Solemn Strike and Zoodiac Combo.

DD G1 Opener

Tommy used Twin Twisters, discarding Upstart Goblin to destroy Tenki and Solemn Strike. He Set a card in his back row, and activated The Melody of Awakening Dragon! He discarded Trade-In, adding Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon to his hand. Jackson activated Maxx “C” at this point. Tommy Tributed Drident to hand over Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju, and Jackson drew Cosmic Cyclone. Tommy continued, and Special Summoned Alternative Dragon, letting Jackson draw Mirror Force. Tommy’s Dragon destroyed Giantrainer in battle.

Tommy Armour

Jackson drew Zoodiac Barrage! He played Cosmic Cyclone, banishing Tommy’s Solemn Warning! He had a huge opening now. He used his Invoker’s effect, and Special Summoned Whiptail to the field. Next, he Normal Summoned Thoroughblade, discarding a Whiptail, and he drew his third Whiptail. He stacked his two new Zoodiacs for Daigusto Emeral, and used its effect to recycle a Ratpier, a Whiptail, and a Tigermortar, and he drew another Zoodiac Barrage. He activated Barrage, and had it destroy itself to Special Summon Ratpier to the field. He used it to play Tigermortar, and had it attach Whiptail from the Graveyard to itself. Then, he used Tigermortar to play Broadbull, and had it add Whiptail from his Deck to his hand. He used Broadbull to play Drident, and had it wipe out Tommy’s Blue-Eyes. Drident, powered up by Whiptail, attacked, and Jackson attached his second and third Whiptails to it as well! Gameciel, Emeral, and Invoker also attacked, and Jackson took the first Duel!

DD G1 End

Duel 2

Tommy decided to play second. Jackson had a hand of 2 Tenki, Zoodiac Combo, Solemn Strike, and Dark Hole. He activated Tenki to get Ratpier to his hand. He played it, then Boarbow, and then Tigermortar. Tigermortar Special Summoned another Ratpier, then Tigermortar changed into Broadbull. It Special Summoned another Ratpier, then also added Whiptail to Jackson’s hand. He used his 2 Ratpier to play Daigusto Emeral, returning 2 Ratpier and a Tigermortar so he could draw Speedroid Taketomborg. He used Broadbull to play Drident in Defense Position, and finally Set Zoodiac Combo and Solemn Strike. He thought about setting one of his spells as a bluff, but decided against it.

Jackson Sayre

Tommy began with Twin Twisters again, discarding The White Stone of Legend! He targeted Tenki and Zoodiac Combo, and Jackson Chained Zoodiac Combo to attach Whiptail to Drident. Tommy used his White Stone to add Blue-Eyes White Dragon to his hand. He then Special Summoned Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. He tried to attack with it, but it was destroyed by Drident!

Jackson drew Cosmic Cyclone. He played Tenki, adding Ratpier to his hand. He used Drident’s effect to destroy his own Tenki, and the detached Xyz Material gave him enough monsters to use Emeral’s effect again – he drew Mirror Force. He Normal Summoned Ratpier, and Tommy handed over Flying “C”! Now unable to Xyz Summon, he turned Drident to Attack Position and moved to the Battle Phase. He attacked with all of his monsters, attaching Whiptail to Drident to power it up. Tommy was down to 4300 Life Points. Jackson Set his Cyclone and Mirror Force to finish the turn.

Tommy Special Summoned another Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon! He moved to the Battle Phase, but was blasted by Mirror Force! In Main Phase 2, he used The Melody of Awakening Dragon, discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon to add Alternative White Dragon and Blue-Eyes White Dragon to his hand.

Jackson drew Bearman. He used Whiptail’s effect to destroy Flying “C”, opening up his plays once more. He used Ratpier to play Tigermotar, and that to play Broadbull. He used it to Special Summon Ratpier. He used Broadbull to play Drident, and it Special Summoned another Ratpier. He used the Ratpier pair to Xyz Summon Gagaga Samurai! Emeral and Gagaga Samurai attacked directly, wiping out Tommy’s remaining Life Points!

DD G2 End

Tommy Armour made a valiant effort, but couldn’t overcome the Zoodiacs! Jackson Sayre is your YCS Atlanta Dragon Duel Champion!