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YCS Atlanta: QQ- Your Sleeper Pick from Raging Tempest?

March 4th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Now that Raging Tempest has been out for a few weeks, it’s clear what the most popular cards are. We asked our Duelists what their Raging Tempest sleeper picks are: the cards that are actually really good, but aren’t yet popular.

Wightprincess” -Sean Washington, 18

Yoko Tuner” -Hani Jawhari, 15

Lost Wind” -Jamael Moore, 36

“Windwitches” -Sean Munn, 22

Zoodiac Ramram” -Jonathan Moore, 27

Lost Wind!” -Aaron Hunter Levy, 22

Lost Wind” -Sam Illegiblelastname

Miscellaneousaurus” -Stephen Escobedo, 27

Switcheroo” -Louis S. Rodriguez, 27

Fairy Tail – Rella. Equipping a Wonder Wand to make a 2250 Normal Summon that draws 2 seems fair.” -James Ward, 25

Lost Wind” -Alex Bergeron, 22

Lost Wind” -Julian Cebrian, 20

Quite the varied responses here, with one standout answer: Lost Wind. It’s a good way to shut down strategies that rely on the Extra Deck, or anything that uses Special Summons (which is most strategies).