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YCS Atlanta: Round 9 Feature Match: Katie Bennett vs. Patrick Lewter

March 5th, 2017

We’re in Round 9! This is the final Round of the day, and only the top Duelists will be moving on from this point; and yet, we are here at the last Table in the tournament with Duelists who have no shot of advancing. Why do they persist? Because these Duelists are showing that despite everything, they’re still here to Duel!

Katie Bennett is just learning how to play the game, still in her first week. That hasn’t deterred her from entering such a massive event as YCS Atlanta! “My boyfriend got me playing this game and he’s actually really good at it, and it helps my stress levels,” she said. She’s here with a group of friends, and she’s brought along a Fluffal Deck which even features the newest cards from Fusion Enforcers.

Patrick Lewter’s reason for sticking to the Main Event even with his record? “I’m just trying to improve my skills,” he says. A good reason, since a YCS is some of the strongest competition you’ll find in Dueling. He’s using a Windwitch Invoked Deck today. Both of these Duelists have shown that they’ve got heart, but only one will win this Match!

Duel 1

Lewter won the dice roll and chose to play first. He led with Aleister the Invoker, adding Invocation to his hand. He activated Wonder Wand, and sent Aleister to the Graveyard to draw two new cards. He Special Summoned Windwitch – Ice Bell, and used both of its effects. He Special Summoned Windwitch – Glass Bell, and dealt 500 damage. Glass Bell’s effect added Windwitch – Snow Bell to his hand, and he Special Summoned it as well. He used Ice Bell and Glass Bell to Synchro Summon Windwitch – Winter Bell, and used its effect to deal another 800 damage. Then, he Synchro Summoned Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, using Snow Bell to protect it even further! He Set two cards in his back row to finish.

Bennett had Instant Fusion, Solemn Warning, King of the Swamp, Edge Imp Chain, Fluffal Bear, and Fluffal Dog. She sent Bear from her hand to the Graveyard, which let her Set Toy Vendor from her Deck to the field. She flipped up Toy Vendor, and used its effect, discarding King of the Swamp, and she draw Fluffal Penguin! She then Special Summoned Fluffal Dog, and it added Edge Imp Sabers to her hand. She activated Instant Fusion next, and Fusion Summoned Frightfur Sheep! She Set Solemn Warning, and passed her turn. In the End Phase, Frightfur Sheep was destroyed due to Instant Fusion, and when Bennett tried to use its effect, it was negated by Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Still in the End Phase, Lewter flipped up Twin Twisters, discarding Artifact Beagalltach to destroy Bennett’s Toy Vendor and Solemn Warning. Toy Vendor’s effect activated, adding Fluffal Wings to her hand.

Katie Bennett

Lewter played Terraforming to search out Magical Meltdown, played it to get Aleister the Invoker, and played that to get Invocation. He activated it, fusing Aleister from his field and Glass Bell from his Graveyard, for Invoked Raidjin! He used Invocation from his Graveyard, putting it back in his Deck and adding Aleister to his hand. He played his second Invocation, sending Aleister and Glass Bell from his hand to the Graveyard for another Invoked Raidjin! He attacked with a Raidjin, destroying Fluffal Dog. The second Raidjin attacked directly. He then used a Raidjin’s effect, and negated it with his Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. That raised Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon’s ATK up to 5200, and it attacked directly to take the first Duel!

R9 G1

Duel 2

Bennett chose to play second. Lewter started this time with Magical Meltdown, and added Aleister the Invoker to his hand. He played that next, getting Invocation to his hand. He Set three to his back row to finish the turn.

Patrick Lewter

Bennett began with Edge Imp Chain, 2 Night Beam, Solemn Warning, and 2 Fluffal Dog. She played a Night Beam, destroying Artifact Ignition! Its effect blocked Bennett from her Battle Phase this turn. She played out Fluffal Dog, adding Edge Imp Sabers to her hand. She Set Solemn Warning. “Do I wanna do this? Hmm…” she asked herself, and decided to play Night Beam – it destroyed Lewter’s Cosmic Cyclone. In the End Phase, he flipped up another Cosmic Cyclone, banishing Bennett’s Solemn Warning.

Lewter Normal Summoned Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, and Synchro Summoned Clear Wing Synchro Dragon! He activated Invocation next, banishing Aleister and Ghost Ogre to play Invoked Mechaba! He used Invocation to add Aleister back to his hand and Invocation back to his Deck. Clear Wing destroyed Fluffal Dog in battle, and Mechaba attacked directly, leaving Bennett with 4700 Life Points. Lewter Set one card in his back row.

Bennett drew Fluffal Octopus and Normal Summoned it, and its effect added Fluffal Dog to her hand. Unfortunately, she had no further plays.

Lewter just had to power over Octopus with a little more damage to take the Duel right now, but his monsters on the field were just a little short on ATK. He sent Clear Wing to destroy the Octopus, then had Mechaba attack. When Bennett had no response, he used the effect of Aleister the Invoker in his hand to power up Mechaba, ending the Match!

R9 G2

Patrick Lewter is your victor, with his Windwitch Invoked Deck!