YCS Atlanta: Top 32 Decks

March 5th, 2017

Here are your Top 32 Duelists, and their Decks!

1st: Michael Zimmitti Jr. (Invoked Windwitch)

2nd: Mohammed Imran Khan (Zoodiac)

3rd: Jacob William Moore (Zoodiac Infernoid)

4th: Aaron Hunter Levy (Paleozoic Frog)

5th: Nicolai Mikhail Howlett (Zoodiac)

6th: Ian Joseph Cullinan (Zoodiac Majespecter Metalfoes)

7th: Brenden Elijah Beckmann (Kaiju Zoodiac)

8th: Leonardo Sosa Calderon (Zoodiac)

9th: Reynaldo Contreras (Kaiju Invoked Zoodiac)

10th: Hanko Hon Kau Chow (Kaiju Zoodiac)

11th: Corey Ryan Roca (Paleozoic Frog)

12th: Tyler Christian Ohlenforst (Shaddoll Burning Abyss)

13th: Jonathon Michael Nagel (Kaiju Zoodiac)

14th: Rudolph Nathan Munoz (Zoodiac)

15th: Ayinde Ezekiai Ross (Zoodiac Infernoid)

16th: Melvin Anthony Torres Jr. (Zoodiac)

17th: Maximillian John Edwards Reynolds (Zoodiac)

18th: Steven Truong (Zoodiac)

19th: Roland Albert Fang (Kaiju Zoodiac)

20th: Chase Robert Cunningham (Zoodiac)

21st: Denis Yan (Zoodiac)

22nd: Kamal Derrick El Crooks-Valdez (Invoked Zoodiac)

23rd: Kenneth Andrew-Thomas McCarthy (Kaiju Zoodiac)

24th: Dakota Clint Angeloff (Zoodiac)

25th: Joseph Earl Bogli (Zoodiac)

26th: Brandon Shane Wong (Kaiju Zoodiac)

27th: Carl Anthony Smith Jr. (Zoodiac)

28th: Ryan Michael Pasnik (Paleozoic Frog)

29th: Jack Ryan Belter (Zoodiac)

30th: Jonathon Phillip Castillo Gomez (Zoodiac)

31st: David July Flores (Zoodiac)

32nd: Maxim Guillotte (Kaiju Zoodiac)


If anyone doubted the strength of the Zoodiacs after YCS Seattle, this should convince them. They’re featured in most of the Top 32! Here’s the full breakdown:

15 Zoodiac

7 Kaiju Zoodiac

1 Invoked Zoodiac

1 Kaiju Invoked Zoodiac

2 Zoodiac Infernoid

1 Zoodiac Majespecter Metalfoes

3 Paleozoic Frog

1 Invoked Windwitch

1 Shaddoll Burning Abyss

The pure Zoodiac Deck seems to have shown itself to be the strongest this weekend. Kaiju builds are also very effective, and a couple of Invoked variants made the cut as well. The Zoodiac engine also made an appearance in Infernoid and Metalfoes Decks, though the overall strategy of those Decks is very different from typical Zoodiacs.

Paleozoics are the most successful non-Zoodiac strategy. They’ve got tons of ways to disrupt enemy Zoodiac Decks, with Paleozoic Dinomischus and Paleozoic Canadia being standout answers. Windwitches and a Shaddoll Burning Abyss hybrid are the final Decks, with one Deck of each represented in the Top 32.