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YCS Atlanta: Top Table Update, Round 8

March 5th, 2017

Here are the top Duelists as we begin Round 8.

Table 1: Mohammed Imran Khan (Zoodiac) vs. Noah Reid Greene (Artifact Zoodiac)

Table 2: Michael Zimmitti (Windwitch Invoked Artifact) vs. Melvin Anthony Torres Jr. (Zoodiac)

Table 3: Chase Tyler Lee Seidel (60-card Zoodiac Lightsworn) vs. Tyler Christian Ohlenforst (Shaddoll Burning Abyss)

Table 4: Jesse Michael Choate (Zoodiac) vs. Ayinde Ezekiai Ross (Zoodiac Infernoid)

Table 5: Shay Michael Kelley (Invoked Zoodiac) vs. Michael Angel Campos (60-card Paleozoic Frog)

Table 6: Christopher Michael Cortez Pierczynski (Zoodiac) vs. Hanko Hon Kau Chow (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 7: Carl Anthony Smith Jr. (Zoodiac) vs. Alexander Louis Cancel (Zoodiac)

Table 8: Brenden Elijah Beckmann (58-card Kaiju Zoodiac) vs. Frank Antonio Nicola Jr. (60-card Zoodiac Lightsworn)

Table 9: Anthony Levon King (59-card Kaiju Zoodiac) vs. Thomas Anthony Savignano (Zoodiac)

Table 10: Sean Robert Munn (Artifact Zoodiac) vs. Anthony Thai Nguyen (Kaiju Zoodiac)


This time, we’ve got:

7 Zoodiac
4 Kaiju Zoodiac
2 Artifact Zoodiac
1 Invoked Zoodiac
2 Zoodiac Lightsworn
1 Zoodiac Infernoid
1 Paleozoic Frog
1 Windwitch Invoked Artifact
1 Shaddoll Burning Abyss

There’s still over half of the field as Zoodiacs, though quite a few are not dedicated Zoodiac strategies. Since it’s so easy to fit the typical Zoodiac combo into a Deck (you basically just need Zoodiac Ratpier, Zoodiac Whiptail, and Zoodiac Barrage) we’re seeing them even added to the Lightsworn and Infernoid Decks. The pure Zoodiac build remains the most popular, with the Kaiju variant in second place. We’ve still got Windwitches and Paleozoics on the top tables as well, and Tyler Ohlenforst’s Shaddoll Burning Abyss Deck has been on the top tables all day.