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YCS Atlanta: What Deck are you playing?

March 4th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! This one’s easy: What Deck are you playing in YCS Atlanta, and why?

“Zoo. Fun and real strong.” -Hani Jawhari, 15

Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Favorite Deck and background story.” -Jamael Moore, 36

“46 card Zoodiac, with Artifacts and Kaiju. Couldn’t cut any cards.” -Jonathan Moore, 27

“Invoked Zoo Kaiju. Good going first or second.” -Reynaldo Contreras, 21

“PaleoZOOic Frogs. 60 cards! A bunch of engines running side by side is really fun to pilot.” -Aaron Hunter Levy, 22

“Artifact Windwitch Invoked. My reason for picking the Deck is because of how much it reminds me of the H.A.T. [Hand Artifact Traptrix] Deck from 2014.” -Stephen Escobedo, 27

“Zoodiac, best Deck” -Cody Highlan, 20

“Nurse Burn. Tri-and-Guess and a Nurse that is searchable seems good.” -James Ward, 25

“W.H.A.I. (Windwitch, Hands, Artifact, Invoked)” -Louis S. Rodriguez, 27

“ZooNoid [Zoodiac Infernoid]. It’s the best Deck.” -Tai’rone Stutson, 23

“Artifact Paleozoic Kaiju” -Sean Munn, 22

“Pure Zoo” -Rick Butler, 24

While the Zoodiacs still look to be the most popular choice, we’re seeing a good variety here in Atlanta. Notable is the number of Invoked Decks – looks like Aleister the Invoker and the Invoked Fusion Monsters are going to be the biggest additions from Fusion Enforcers to the tournament scene.