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YCS Atlanta: What to Expect from Fusion Enforcers

March 4th, 2017

As you can guess from the name, Fusion Enforcers is all about Fusion Monsters. Since YCS Atlanta is the first event with Fusion Enforcers legal, let’s look at what new cards and strategies you might see here.

Fluffals get some new toys to play with, with two new Fluffals and a new Frightfur. Fluffal Penguin is the big standout – when it’s used as a Fusion Material, you’ll get to draw two cards, then discard a card. You gain one card overall, and hopefully discard Fluffal Wings, all at the same time! Clever Fluffal Duelists are even able to perform tricks like Fusion Summoning Frightfur Tiger using Penguin. By placing Tiger as Chain Link 1 and Penguin as Chain Link 2, an opposing Solemn Strike would only negate the Penguin. Fluffal Octopus is another new card, which recycles the cards in your Graveyard or that are banished. Finally, Frightfur Kraken is a devastating Fusion Monster. It can freely send opposing monsters to the Graveyard with its effect, and even gets to attack twice per Battle Phase. Fluffal Duelists often aim to power up Kraken using Tiger, ending the Duel in a single Battle Phase.

Probably the biggest thing to come from Fusion Enforcers are the Invoked monsters. You start with Aleister the Invoker, which can add the Invocation card to your hand. Invocation will let you Fusion Summon an Invoked monster using the cards on your field or either player’s Graveyard. There are Invoked Fusion Monsters of every Attribute, so you’ll always have something good to play with Invocation. Once Invocation is in the Graveyard, it can be shuffled back into the Deck to add Aleister back to your hand, so you can do it all again. Combine them with the Field Spell Magical Meltdown to search out Aleister and protect your Fusion Summons, and you’ve got a great strategy. Many Duelists are adding Aleister and Invocation into other strategies. Since they only take up a bit of space in the Main Deck, it’s easy to play them in any strategy that has room in the Extra Deck for the Invoked Fusion Monsters. In fact, our first Match on the live stream features a Fluffal Invoker Deck, since Magical Meltdown works to protect all Fusion Summons.

Of course, Fusion Enforcers isn’t the only new thing. Raging Tempest is still less than a month old, and we’ll be seeing the strategies from YCS Seattle that have been perfected even further. Zoodiacs and Infernoids are sure to be seen here in Atlanta, but we’ll have to wait and see the numbers as the tournament progresses.