What is a Bounty Duelist?

April 8th, 2017

At any YCS, there’s a chance to encounter a Bounty Duelist. Glory and, more importantly, booster packs await you if you are victorious! So how does it actually work?

At the start of the event, ten Duelists are chosen to carry the bounty. Every round, four packs are added to a Bounty Duelist’s Bounty Pile. If they win, they get to take two of those packs. If they are defeated, the challenger gets ALL the packs in the Bounty Pile! If the Bounty Duelist goes undefeated, then they get to keep all the packs!

Bounty Duelists are chosen out of anyone who is pre-registered for the tournament. You could even be chosen as a Bounty Duelist. Bounty Duelists are selected for a variety of reasons. It could be for having a great performance in past tournaments, for using a really unique Deck, or for having a cool hat.