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YCS Denver: Saturday Dragon Duel Feature Match: Andy Tran vs. Diego Diaz

April 8th, 2017

We’re here in the final round of Saturday’s Dragon Duel Tournament! Andy Tran is from nearby Aurora, CO, and he’s undefeated so far! If he can win this, he’ll take first place in today’s Dragon Duel Tournament. He’s up against Diego Diaz, who made the trip from Las Vegas. Diaz does have one loss from a previous round, but if he can win this Match, his tiebreakers will still give him a shot at taking the tournament.

Duel 1

Tran won the dice roll and chose to play second. Diaz started off big, with Graceful Charity, discarding Card Trooper and DUCKER Mobile Cannon. He Set one card in his back row, then Normal Summoned Abyssal Kingshark. He equipped it with Fighting Spirit to finish.

He began with The Tricky, Changing Destiny, Milla the Temporal Magician, Fabled Raven, and Drillroid. He played Milla, and saw that Diaz’s face-down card was Shadow Spell. He played Heavy Storm next, and attacked with Milla to destroy Kingshark. He Set Changing Destiny to finish his turn.

Diaz played Tour Guide From the Underworld! He Special Summoned Night Assailant in Defense Position. He played Creature Swap next, handing over his Tour Guide and taking control of Milla! He Set one to his back row, and moved to his Battle Phase. Milla attacked Tour Guide, and Tran flipped Changing Destiny! Milla went to Defense Position, and Diaz chose to gain 900 Life Points.

Diego Diaz

Tran drew Twin-Barrel Dragon. He Normal Summoned Drillroid, then discarded Fabled Raven to Special Summon The Tricky! Tour Guide destroyed Night Assailant, Drillroid destroyed Milla, and The Tricky attacked directly.

Diaz Set a monster.

Tran drew Pixie Ring and Set it. He sent Drillroid to attack, destroying Diaz’s Set Helping Robo for Combat. Tour Guide and The Tricky attacked directly.

Diaz played Chiron the Mage. He went to the Battle Phase, and Tran flipped Pixie Ring. Chiron destroyed Drillroid in battle.

Tran drew Gaap the Divine Soldier! He Tributed Tour Guide to play Gaap, and moved to the Battle Phase. Gaap destroyed Chiron, and The Tricky attacked, lowering Diaz to just 1400 Life Points.

Diaz Set a back row card.

Tran drew Metal Reflect Slime. He sent his monsters to attack, and Diaz couldn’t stop him!

Saturday Dragon Duel Game 1

Duel 2

Diaz started with Graceful Charity again, discarding Possessed Dark Soul and Tour Guide From the Underworld. He Set two in his back row, and Normal Summoned Milla the Temporal Magician.

Blast Sphere, Premature Burial, Card Trooper, Miracle’s Wake, The Tricky, and Twin-Barrel Dragon. He Set Blast Sphere and Miracle’s Wake.

Diaz Set a third back row card.

Tran drew Dark Dust Spirit. He discarded Card Trooper to Special Summon The Tricky, but had its attack  blocked by Windstorm of Etaqua.

Diaz Set another back row card, and had Milla destroy The Tricky in battle.

Tran drew Vortex Trooper. He Tributed Blast Sphere for Dark Dust Spirit, and it destroyed Milla with its effect – Diaz used Book of Moon to turn the Spirit face-down. Tran used Premature Burial to revive The Tricky, but its attack was blocked by Shadow Spell!

Andy Tran

Diaz Set a monster.

Tran drew Snowman Eater and Set it. He flipped up Dark Dust Spirit, and its effect destroyed The Tricky – Tran probably didn’t mind destroying it since it was bound by Shadow Spell anyway. He had Dark Dust Spirit attack Diaz’s face-down monster, and it was Night Assailant! The Assailant destroyed Dark Dust Spirit with its effect.

Diaz Set a back row card.

Tran drew Amazoness Trainee. He Normal Summoned his Twin-Barrel Dragon and used its effect, but got two tails. Still, it attacked directly.

Diaz Normal Summoned Zombyra the Dark! He flipped up Fighting Spirit, then flipped up Forbidden Chalice to negate Zombyra’s effect! Zombyra was up to 3100 ATK, and it wiped out Twin-Barrel Dragon!

Tran drew Shine Knight and Set it.

Diaz Set a monster, and destroyed the Shine Knight with Zombyra.

Tran drew Insect Knight and passed his turn. He wanted to make sure Diaz attacked his Set Snowman Eater instead of his other monsters.

Diaz Set a card in his back row, then Tributed Zombyra and his Set DUCKER Mobile Cannon for White Night Dragon, but it attacked into Snowman Eater, and both monsters were destroyed!

Tran drew Shield Warrior. He played Insect Knight and attacked directly.

Diaz Set a monster.

Tran drew Axe of Despair and immediately equipped it to his Insect Knight. He played his Amazoness Trainee and attacked, sending Diaz’s Vortex Trooper to the Deck where it couldn’t activate! Insect Knight attacked directly.

Diaz had to pass his turn.

Tran drew Mad Reloader. He moved to his Battle Phase, and his monsters wiped out the rest of Diaz’s Life Points!

Saturday Dragon Duel Game 2

Andry Tran is the victor, and your Saturday Dragon Duel winner! He’ll be back tomorrow to face Sunday’s winner for the title of YCS Denver Dragon Duel Champion!