YCS Denver Tech Update!

April 9th, 2017

Check out some of the popular tech cards here at YCS Denver!

Two Fusion Substitutes

We’ve been seeing the Lunalight Black Sheep + Fusion Substitute combo gain popularity over the last few events, and now it’s gone even further. The original combo has you play the standard Zoodiac Ratpier combo and use Zoodiac Broadbull to add Black Sheep to your hand, which gets you Fusion Substitute. Keep going with your typical combo to also get Daigusto Emeral on the field and draw a card. Then, fuse Broadbull and Emeral for Elder Entity Norden, revive a Zoodiac monster, and use it and Norden to Xyz Summon another Broadbull and pick your combo up from where you left it before. The result is that you get the same ending field, but you’ll get to draw an extra card at the end with Fusion Substitute.

Now, Duelists are playing an extra Fusion Substitute, which allows them to Fusion Summon Norden twice! Since Emeral recycles cards from the Graveyard, they can reuse their Black Sheep and other copies of Emeral. When it’s all said and done, the Zoodiac player will have drawn five total cards – three from various uses of Emeral, and two from Fusion Substitute. We’ve even seen some Duelists using three copies of Fusion Substitute! What’s interesting is that this combo has been available since Raging Tempest and the Zoodiacs first came out, but it’s only catching on now.

Future Fusion

After many years, it’s finally free! Future Fusion’s updated text slows it down, but it’s still an incredibly powerful card. Infernoids are the best monsters to use with it. Reveal Infernoid Tierra with Future Fusion, and you’ll send as many Infernoids to the Graveyard as you want! If Future Fusion survives to the next turn, Infernoid Tierra will wreak havoc with its effects! Unlike Void ImaginationFuture Fusion works regardless of whether or not there are any monsters Special Summoned from the Extra Deck on the field.

Zombies can utilize Future Fusion for a similar effect, sending any two Zombies to the Graveyard for Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon. Sending two Mezukis to the Graveyard can be deadly no matter the situation. Depending on your strategy, you could also send something like Plaguespreader Zombie or Wightprince. We’ve been seeing a lot of Zombie Lightsworn Decks lately, thanks to That Grass Looks Greener and Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn, so Future Fusion will fit in easily.

Diamond Dust and Legacy of the Duelist

These two cards from Duelist Saga are proving to be amazing options to counter the Paleozoic threat. Diamond Dust simply blows away their monsters, and even inflicts damage to add insult to injury.  It’s a powerful option against Paleozoics (and Mermail and Nekroz), and it’s very easy to fit into a Side Deck.

Legacy of the Duelist is a bit trickier. It has multiple effects, but the most important ones for the Paleozoic matchup are the first two. If your monster attacks, you can negate the attack and destroy an opponent’s Spell or Trap Card. Plus, each player can only Set one Spell or Trap Card per turn. Since a Paleozoic Duelist is so heavily reliant on his or her Trap Cards, limiting your Paleozoic opponent to Setting one Trap per turn and sacrificing an attack to destroy it can be devastating!