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YCS Denver Top 16 Photo Gallery!

April 9th, 2017

Here’s a look at the 16 Duelists who have proven they’re the best in the room!

Table 1’s Devin Banham and Quinton Brown are currently being featured on our live stream! Brown’s using Infernoids, packing Rescue Cat, Peropero Cerperus, and Elephun! Banham is using Zoodiacs, so this should be interesting.

Devin Banham vs Quinton Brown

At Table 2, Leonard Anaya and Eric Alvarez are playing a Zoodiac mirror Match.

Eric Alvarez


Leonard Anaya

Table 3 has Vishon Bhatia using a teched out Zombie Lightsworn Deck (including Main Decked Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo) against Tyler Wilson’s Metalfoes Deck.

Tyler Wilson

Vishon Bhatia

Table 4 pits Louie Benitez’s Zoodiacs against Kamal Crooks’s Zombie Lightsworn Deck.

Louie Benitez

Kamal Crooks

On Table 5, Anthony Eckroth is using an awesome SPYRAL Zoodiac Deck! He’s going to have to take out Anderson Tsang’s Infernoids. We just saw Anderson dominate in a Feature Match earlier.

Anthony Eckroth

Anderson Tsang

Table 6 has Kyle Crofoot take his Metalfoes against Justin Singh’s Zoodiacs.

Kyle Crofoot

Justin Singh

On Table 7, it’s Drew Carter versus Ayinde Ross, each using Metalfoes.

Drew Carter

Ayinde Ross

Finally, Table 8 as Anthony Iem and Anthony King in a Zoodiac mirror Match.

Anthony Iem

Anthony King