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YCS Denver Top Tables Update: Round 7

April 9th, 2017

Here are the top twenty Duelists and Decks as we begin Round 7!

Table 1: Paul Lamar Cooper (Zoodiac) vs. Quinton DeVante Marvin Brown (Infernoid)

Table 2: Jordan Gilbert Sanchez (Zoodiac) vs. Tien Thomas Quang Pham (Infernoid)

Table 3: Billy Presley Brake (Infernoid) vs. Anderson Ga Jun Tsang (Infernoid)

Table 4: Kamal Derrick El Crooks-Valdez (Metalfoes) vs. Alexander Louis Cancel (Zombie Lightsworn)

Table 5: Kyle Reece Crofoot (Metalfoes) vs. Ronald Logan Kaplan (Metalfoes)

Table 6: Kevin Michael Ward II (Infernoid) vs. Herman Charles Cosie Jr. (Palezoic Zoodiac)

Table 7: Dawson Colby Selders (Zoodiac) vs. Daniel Lawrence Scott (Infernoid)

Table 8: Admassu Williams-Ademe (Zoodiac) vs. Jacob Martin Jenkins (Zoodiac)

Table 9: Derek Deandre Freeman (Infernoid) vs. Eric Anthony Alvarez (Zoodiac)

Table 10: Andrey Asiev Flynn (Infernoid) vs. Ayinde Ezekiai Ross (Metalfoes)

Here’s the breakdown:

8 Infernoid
6 Zoodiac
4 Metalfoes
1 Zombie Lightsworn
1 Paleozoic Zoodiac

This is partly to be expected, and partly a surprise. We mentioned earlier today that you should expect to see Infernoids and Paleozoics perform well, but there’s only one Paleozoic Deck at the top tables right now. Infernoids are proving to be very strong, and Zoodiacs are still present as well. Metalfoes are seeing a resurgence, and Zombie Lightsworn is showing to still be a strong Deck. With so many strategies using That Grass Looks Greener, it’s interesting to see how they fare against each other.