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YCS Denver Top Tables Update: Round 9

April 9th, 2017

Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Denver! Here are your top Duelists and their Decks in Round 9!

Table 1: Quinton DeVante Marvin Brown (Infernoid) vs. Anderson Ga Jun Tsang (Infernoid)

Table 2: Kyle Reece Crofoot (Metalfoes) vs. James Edward Nathaniel Rowland (Zombie Lightsworn)

Table 3: Zachary Scott Siepser (Zoodiac) vs. Tyler Wade Wilson (Metalfoes)

Table 4: Admassu Williams-Ademe (Zoodiac) vs. Zakaria Robert Aossey (Zoodiac)

Table 5: Eric Anthony Alvarez (Zoodiac) vs. Matthew Evan Harris Vanden Heuvel (Paleozoic)

Table 6: Warren Bernard Bonner Jr. (Windwitch Invoked) vs. Ayinde Ezekiai Ross (Metalfoes)

Table 7: David March Lopez (Kozmo) vs. Elvis Vu (Zombie Lightsworn)

Table 8: Larry Dean Musgrove Jr. (Metalfoes) vs. Tien Thomas Quang Pham (Infernoid)

Table 9: Damien Earl Carter (Metalfoes) vs. Christopher Ryan McDonald (Paleozoic)

Table 10: Ronald Logan Kaplan (Metalfoes) vs. Alexander Louis Cancel (Zombie Lightsworn)

Here are the numbers:

6 Metalfoes
4 Zoodiac
3 Infernoid
3 Zombie Lightsworn
2 Paleozoic
1 Kozmo
1 Windwitch Invoked

These numbers look to be basically the same as the previous round, though a couple of Paleozoics have managed to work their way back to the top tables. Metalfoes are performing extremely well, despite their recent loss of Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin to the Forbidden List. Zoodiacs lost a copy of Zoodiac Ratpier as well, but are still the second most represented Deck. There’s quite a variety in the remaining Decks, so it’s looking like our Top 32 could be very diverse.