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Dragon Duel Playoff Feature Match: Connor Perrotta vs. Justus Long

May 14th, 2017

It all comes down to this! Connor Perrotta, from Rome, NY, won today’s Dragon Duel tournament. He’s up against yesterday’s winner, Justus Long from Xenia, Ohio. While the regular Dragon Duel is a Sealed Deck event, this time we’re using Constructed rules!

Perrotta has brought a very cool Deck which combines Burning Abyss, Phantom Knights, and Paleozoics for a lot of Graveyard power. Long is using a Metalfoes Deck, a much more combo oriented strategy. They’re not only Dueling for the title of YCS Pittsburgh Dragon Duel Champion…


YCS Dragon Duel Trophy and Darklords


There’s a trophy and a set of Darklord YCS Prize Cards on the line! Let’s get this Duel underway!

Duel 1

Long won the dice roll and chose to play first. He began with Baobaboon, using its effect to draw a card, and he put the same card on the bottom of the Deck. He played Metalfoes Volflame in his Pendulum Zone, and used it to destroy Baobaboon and put Metalfoes Fusion on the field. Baobaboon’s effect brought two more to the field, and their effects let him draw a total of two cards and put two on the bottom of his Deck. He stacked his Baobaboons for M-X-Saber Invoker, and used its effect to Special Summon Zoodiac Ratpier. He used it to play Zoodiac Boarbow, and Special Summoned another Ratpier. He used Boarbow to play Zoodiac Broadbull, and added Lunalight Black Sheep to his hand. He used Black Sheep’s effect to get Fusion Substitute to his hand. He activated it, combining Broadbull and Invoker for Elder Entity Norden, and Special Summoned Ratpier. He stacked them for Daigusto Emeral, and detached Norden for its effect. He put back Boarbow, Invoker, and Broadbull, and drew a card. He then used Fusion Substitute to put Norden back and draw yet another card. He played Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer in his other Pendulum Zone, and used its effect to destroy Volflame and get a second copy of Volflame. He played Metalfoes Goldriver in the Pendulum Zone next, and destroyed Luster Pendulum with it to Set Metalfoes Combination on the field. He played Metalfoes Silverd in the Pendulum Zone next, and destroyed Goldriver to Set Metalfoes Counter. He played Volflame in his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Rescue Rabbit from his hand, and Luster Pendulum and Goldriver from his Extra Deck! He used Ratpier to play Zoodiac Tigermortar, and that to play Zoodiac Drident in Defense Position. He then Tuned Luster Pendulum to Goldriver for Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer! He used Rescue Rabbit’s effect to Special Summon two Metalfoes Silverd, and flipped Metalfoes Fusion! He combined both Silverd to play Fullmetalfoes Alkahest in Defense Position! He used Metalfoes Fusion’s secondary effect to put it back in the Deck and draw a card. He Set one more card in his back row to finish his turn.


DDFinal Duel 1
Perrotta had Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade, Swap Frog, The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak, Lost Wind, Paleozoic Canadia, and Ronintoadin. He discarded Ronintoadin to Special Summon Swap Frog, and used its effect to send Dupe Frog to the Graveyard. He bounced Swap Frog to his hand after that. After that, Long flipped up Metalfoes Combination. Perrotta Normal Summoned Swap Frog and used its effect again, sending a second Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. He banished Dupe Frog from the Graveyard to Special Summon Ronintoadin, and Long used Alkahest to take Swap Frog before Perrotta could Xyz Summon! Perrotta Set Fog Blade, Lost Wind, and Canadia. In the End Phase, Long destroyed Ronintoadin with Drident.

During Long’s Draw Phase, Perrotta used Lost Wind on Emeral. Then, he used Fog Blade on Ignister Prominence. Long used Volflame to destroy Ignister Prominence, to Set Metalfoes Fusion on the field. He flipped it up, combining Emeral and Alkahest into Metalfoes Adamante and allowing Perrotta to Set Lost Wind back on the field. He shuffled Metalfoes Fusion back to draw a card again. Silverd destroyed Volflame to Set Fullmetalfoes Fusion on the field. He Normal Summoned Goldriver, and activated Metalfoes Fusion again! He combined Adamante and Goldriver into Metalfoes Mithrilium! He used Combination to bring back Adamante. Mithrilium’s effect returned Metalfoes Fusion and Alkahest, and targeted Perrotta’s Set Paleozoic Canadia, and Perrotta Chained it to turn Mithrilium face-down. Long played a new Silverd, and used it to destroy his own Drident, and Set Metalfoes Fusion once more. Long also used Metalfoes Counter, and Special Summoned Volflame. He flipped up Metalfoes Fusion, combining Mithrilium and Volflame into Metalfoes Orichalc. He Pendulum Summoned three copies of Volflame, and Perrotta conceded!


DDFinal Duel 1 - Volflamin'


The Duelists moved to their Side Decks. Any advantage in this situation is crucial

Duel 2

Perrotta began the second Duel with a hand of Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Lost Wind, Solemn Strike, Swap Frog, and Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade. He played Swap and sent Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. He returned Swap Frog to his hand, and Set all his Trap Cards.

Long played Archfiend Eccentrick in his Pendulum Zone, and used it to destroy Solemn Strike! He played Dragoons of Draconia in the Pendulum Zone, then played Silverd. Silverd destroyed Dragoons and Set Metalfoes Fusion on the field. He played Volflame in the Pendulum Zone, and it destroyed Silverd to Set Metalfoes Combination. Goldriver went to the Pendulum Zone, and Long Pendulum Summoned Dragoons, Silverd, and Eccentrick. He stacked Eccentrick and Silverd for M-X-Saber Invoker, and Perrotta used Lost Wind to negate it. Invoker and Dragoons attacked directly, dropping Perrotta to 5400 Life Points. Goldriver’s effect destroyed the now useless Invoker to Set Metalfoes Counter on the field.


Justus Long battling for the glory


Perrotta drew That Grass Looks Greener! He sent 22 cards to the Graveyard, including 2 Ash Blossom, 2 Dimensional Barrier, a Ronintoadin, 2 The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak, some Paleozoics, 2 more Grass, and 2 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss. He Normal Summoned Swap Frog, and had it send Dupe Frog to the Graveyard. He used the Dupe to Special Summon Ronintoadin, and he Xyz Summoned Toadally Awesome! The Toad attacked Long’s Dragoons, and Long flipped Metalfoes Combination. When Dragoons was destroyed, Long used Metalfoes Counter to Special Summon Volflame.

During Long’s Standby Phase, Toadally Awesome Special Summoned Dupe Frog from the Deck. Long used Goldriver’s effect, destroying Combination to Set Fullmetalfoes Fusion. Combination’s effect triggered, and Long got Silverd to his hand. He used his Pendulum Zone Volflame next, destroying Goldriver to Set another Fullmetalfoes Fusion. He played Silverd in the Pendulum Zone next, and Pendulum Summoned Goldriver and Dragoons. He Normal Summoned Rescue Rabbit next, and used its effect – but Perrotta used Ash Blossom to negate it. Long flipped Metalfoes Fusion – Perrotta now used Toadally Awesome, sending Dupe to the Graveyard and taking Metalfoes Fusion to his side of the field! Long used Dragoons and Goldriver to play Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer in Defense Position. On the Summon, Perrotta used Fog Blade to negate it, then Special Summoned Paleozoic Pikaia in Defense Position. Volflame attacked and destroyed Toadally Awesome, and its effect put Swap Frog back in Perrotta’s hand.

Perrotta drew Lost Wind. He played Swap Frog and sent Dupe to the Graveyard. He staked Pikaia and Swap for Paleozoic Opabina in Defense Position. He used it to add Paleozoic Canadia to his hand, and thanks to Opabina, activated it immediately. Canadia turned Volflame face-down, and Perrotta Special Summoned Paleozoic Dinomischus. He Special Summoned Ronintoadin from the Graveyard, and Long flipped Fullmetalfoes Fusion. He combined his face-down Volflame with Zoodiac Whiptail in his hand, for Metalfoes Adamante. Perrotta brought back another Ronintoadin. He combined both toads with Dinomischus for Paleozoic Anamalocaris! He used its effect to destroy Castel, which took Fog Blade with it. Perrotta used the effect of The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak in his Graveyard, adding The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots to his hand. He used Fog Blade in the Graveyard to Special Summon his other Ancient Cloak, and Special Summoned Silent Boots. He stacked them for Dante, and sent The Phantom Knights of Ragged Gloves, Solemn Strike, and Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to the Graveyard! Farfa banished Adamante with its effect. Finally, Perrotta attacked with Dante and Anamalocaris. In Main Phase 2, he used Ragged Gloves’s effect in the Graveyard, sending Silent Boots to the Graveyard. The Boots then added Fog Blade to his hand, and he Set it and Lost Wind.


Connor Perrotta being a cool guy


Long had a face-down Fullmetalfoes Fusion, Adamante, Silverd and Volflame in his Pendulum Zone, and one card in his hand. He wanted to use Silverd’s effect, but had no cards in the Deck to Set on the field! Instead, he Pendulum Summoned Volflame. He used Fullmetalfoes Fusion next, combining Adamante with the Raremetalfoes Bismugear in his hand, for Metalfoes Orichalc. Orichalc attacked, and Perrotta used Lost Wind! Orichalc lost the battle, and Long destroyed his own Volflame in an act of defiance. He knew he wasn’t coming back from this one.

Perrotta drew Paleozoic Dinomischus. He sent his monsters to attack, taking the second Duel!

There was only four minutes remaining on the clock – the Duelists quickly used their Side Decks.

Duel 3

Long went first for the final Duel. He played Volflame and Luster Pendulum in the Pendulum Zones. Luster destroyed Volflame to get another copy. He Normal Summoned Whiptail, and Xyz Summoned Zoodiac Boarbow, then Zoodiac Tigermortar, then Zoodiac Broadbull. He used its effect to add Dragoons of Draconia to his hand. He used Broadbull for Drident in Defense Position. He played Pot of Desires next, banishing ten cards to draw two new ones. He activated Volflame in his Pendulum Zone, destroyed Luster Pendulum, and Set Metalfoes Combination. He activated Dragoons next, and Pendulum Summoned Volflame and Luster from the Extra Deck, and Zoodiac Ratpier from his hand. He Set the last two cards in his hand to the back row.

Perrotta began with Speedroid Terrortop, Paleozoic Olenoides, Paleozoic Dinomischus, The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak, and Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss. He drew Libic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss for his turn. He began with Terrortop, adding Speedroid Taketomborg to his hand, and he Special Summoned it as well. He used the Speedroids to play The Phantom Knights of Break Sword, and Long used Drident to destroy it. He Normal Summoned Calcab and Special Summoned Libic, using them to play Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss. Dante detached Calcab, sending Fog Blade, Storming Mirror Force, and Paleozoic Pikaia to the Graveyard, and Calcab returned one of Long’s Set Spell/Trap Cards to the hand. Fog Blade’s effect in the Graveyard Special Summoned Break Sword. Break Sword destroyed Drident in battle, and Dante took out Ratpier. In Main Phase 2, Perrotta used Dante and Break Sword for Number F0: Utopic Future! Perrotta Set Olenoides and Dinomischus to finish.

Long flipped Metalfoes Combination, then activated Metalfoes Fusion to combine Volflame on the field with Lunalight Black Sheep in his hand. He Fusion Summoned Adamante, and used Metalfoes Fusion’s effect to draw a card. The Volflame in his Pendulum Zone used its effect, destroying Combination to Set Fullmetalfoes Fusion. Combination’s effect put Goldriver in Long’s hand, and Perrotta used Olenoides to destroy the newly Set Fusion. He Pendulum Summoned Volflame and Goldriver from his Extra Deck, and used Luster Pendulum and Goldriver for Ignister Promince. Perrotta used Dinomischus, discarding Ancient Cloak, to banish Ignister Prominence. Long played Metalfoes Fusion, combining Volflame with Adamante for Metalfoes Mithrilium! He used its effect, putting Combination and Fullmetalfoes Fusion back to the Deck, bouncing away Utopic Future. That left Perrotta with absolutely no cards! The Dante that was an Xyz Material activated still, getting Calcab to Perrotta’s hand. Mithrilium attacked directly.

Perrotta drew Fog Blade. He used the effect of Cloak in the Graveyard, adding Boots to his hand. He Set Boots and Fog Blade.

Long used Metalfoes Fusion’s effect in the Graveyard to draw a card. He Pendulum Summoned Goldriver and Volflame from the Extra Deck, then used his Pendulum Zone Volflame to destroy Dragoons, and Set Metalfoes Fusion. He played Archfiend Eccentrick in the Pendulum Zone and used its effect to destroy Perrotta’s Fog Blade. Perrotta still Chained it, so he could Special Summon Dinomischus in Defense Position. Long flipped up Metalfoes Fusion, combining Goldriver and Volflame for Metalfoes Orichalc! With its ability to deal double piercing damage, it powered through Dinomischus to take the Match!

DDFinal Duel 3

Justus Long is your YCS Pittsburgh Dragon Duel Champion!