New Public Events Prizes!

May 13th, 2017

Every YCS has a ton of awesome prizes available as Public Events prizes. Here are some of the prizes debuting here at YCS Pittsburgh!

This is the first event to feature the new Structure Decks Dinosmasher’s Fury and Machine Reactor! There’s a Public Event for each, where every Duelist is given a copy of the Structure Deck with which to Duel. Win, and you’ll get a game mat featuring the Deck’s boss monster! Here’s the Machine Reactor mat, featuring Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon!


Machine Reactor mat


And here’s the Dinosmasher’s Fury mat, with Ultimate Conductor Tyranno!


Dinosmasher mat


In both the 3 vs. 3 Team Dueling and the School Tournament Public Events, Duelists can earn uncut sheets of cards from the newest booster pack. Here’s how the new Maximum Crisis Secret Rare cards look!


Uncut MACR Secrets


Finaly, it’s one of our most popular events, ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Here are the GIANT cards you can win this time: two of MACR’s most popular cards!


GIANT Ash Blossom


GIANT Master Peace


Trust me when I say the pictures don’t do them justice. The foil on these beauties is unreal – they’re almost mirrors!

These are just the new prizes – we’ve got plenty of other game mats for Starter Deck and Structure Deck tournaments and Win-A-Mats; plus Dragon Duels, Regionals, and much more!