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Out and About at YCS Pittsburgh

May 14th, 2017

We’re in the final Swiss round right now – the atmosphere is tense as Duelists battle to make the Top 32 cut! Duelists who’ve already dropped from the Main Event are trying their luck in Public Events. Let’s see how things are going on the floor.

Here we have our remaining Main Event Duelists. There’s still quite a few remaining – all are doing their best for a shot at the top cut.


Round 10 Dueling Action


More Round 10 Dueling


Over here is our VIP area. Duelists that perform well in VIP Qualifiers, as well as UDS Champions, get special seating over here. There are only a few VIPs remaining, but they’re still enjoying the benefits of their personal tables. Also shown is Joe Frankino, coverage writer and beloved judge, writing our Round 10 Feature Match between Kamahl Crooks and Justin Singh.


YCS Pittsburgh VIP Area


In Public Events, we’ve got ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! already underway! The giant Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring was claimed yesterday by George Machado, so these Duelists are facing off for the giant Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King.




3 vs. 3 Team Dueling is underway over here. Duelists team up in 3s, and each face an opponent. The team that wins the most combined with each of its members wins the whole Match! They’re playing for some framed, uncut sheets of Secret Rares from Maximum Crisis.


3v3 Team Dueling


More 3v3 Team Dueling


Dragon Duel, the tournament exclusive to Duelists born in 2004 or later, is just getting started. This event uses Sealed Deck rules, with Battle Pack: Epic Dawn cards! Yesterday’s winner, Justus Long, is here to root for his friends.


Dragon Duel just getting started


Sunday Dragon Duel - Justus Long making a guest appearance

Finally, we have some mini Regional flights! These 16-player tournaments carry the same weight as a regular Regional – win, and you’ll get an invitation to this year’s World Championship Qualifier! You’ll also win the current Regional game mat and Deck box.


2017 Regionals


More Public Events will be run as the day goes on, including Structure Deck and Starter Deck tournaments, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! School Series tournament. For every Public Event you enter, you’ll receive Public Event points. The four Duelists with the most points will Duel at the end of the day for a Super Rare copy of the YCS Prize Card Number 93: Utopia Kaiser! Plus, four randomly chosen Public Events players will also get the same chance!