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Saturday’s Dragon Duel Feature Match: Jack Leiher vs. Justus Long

May 13th, 2017

It’s the final round of Saturday’s Dragon Duel tournament, and we have two undefeated Duelists. Only one can stay that way, though! We’ve got Jack Leiher, from Xenia, Ohio, and Justus Long from… also Xenia? It turns out these Duelists know each other, and traveled here together with two other friends! Their goal was for the four of them to make the Top 4 today, and it looks like these two have cemented their places in the Top 4 already.

Duel 1

Long won the dice roll and chose to play first. He Set a monster and a card to his back row.

Leiher began with Battle Fader, Luster Dragon, Slate Warrior, Half or Nothing, Cyber Valley, and Metal Reflect Slime.  He Summoned Slate Warrior and went to his Battle Phase. Long considered activating something, but chose not to. Slate Warrior attacked Long’s Set Gogogo Golem, failing to destroy it thanks to the Golem’s effect. Leiher Set his Trap Cards to finish his turn.

Long Summoned Blizzard Dragon, and used its effect to freeze Slate Warrior. He then stacked his Golem and Dragon for Number 39: Utopia! He attacked, and Leiher flipped Half or Nothing – Long chose to end his Battle Phase.

Leiher drew Dust Tornado and Set it. He Normal Summoned Luster Dragon, and Xyz Summoned his own Utopia! He attacked with it, and Long used Compulsory Evacuation Device to return it to the Extra Deck!

Long Summoned Mad Dog of Darkness, and sent it to attack. Leiher Special Summoned Metal Reflect Slime to defend his Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Long Set one card to his back row.

Leiher drew Fissure. He played Dust Tornado, and Long Chained the target – Windstorm of Etaqua. Leiher Normal Summoned Cyber Valley, and used its effect to banish itself and Metal Reflect Slime, letting him draw Heavy Storm and D.D. Assailant. He passed his turn.


Jake Leiher - Dueling is serious business


Long also Normal Summoned Cyber Valley. He went to attack, and Leiher defended with Battle Fader.

Leiher drew Vampire Lord. He Set D.D. Assailant, then used Fissure to destroy Cyber Valley. He Set Heavy Storm as a bluff.

Long Set a monster. He sent Mad Dog to destroy Battle Fader. Utopia attacked the Set D.D. Assailant, and both monsters were banished!

Leiher drew Spell Shield Type-8. He Set it.

Long Summoned Asura Priest, then Flip Summoned Big Shield Gardna. He stacked Asura and Gardna for a second Utopia! Mad Dog and Utopia attacked directly.

Leiher drew Naturia Strawberry. He Normal Summoned it, but had no further plays.

Long Set a card to his back row. Mad Dog attacked to destroy the Strawberry, and Utopia attacked directly to leave Leiher with just 800 Life Points.

Leiher drew Breaker the Magical Warrior. He Normal Summoned it and gave it a Spell Counter. He sent it to attack Mad Dog, but Long used Utopia’s effect to stop the attack.

Long played Goblin Attack Force, and sent his Goblins to destroy Breaker. Mad Dog attacked and ended the first Duel!


Sat Dragon Duel D1


Duel 2

Leiher chose to play second for this Duel. Long Set a monster and a back row card.

Leiher’s hand was Airknight Parshath, Blast with Chain, Spell Shield Type-8, Mysterious Guard, Cyber Valley, and Theban Nightmare. He Set his Trap Cards, and Normal Summoned Theban Nightmare. He attacked, and Long flipped Magic Cylinder to deflect the attack.


Justus Long


Long Flip Summoned Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive to draw a card. He Normal Summoned Big Shield Gardna, and Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia once more! Utopia wiped out Leiher’s monster.

Leiher drew his own Dekoichi. He Set Mysterious Guard.

Long played Twin-Sword Marauder. It attacked, and Mysterious Guard’s effect spun away Utopia! The Marauder still dealt piercing damage, however, and attacked a second time with its effect. Leiher had 3100 Life Points remaining.

Leiher drew Vampire Lord. He Normal Summoned Dekoichi and used Blast with Chain to power it up, taking down Long’s Marauder.

Long Special Summoned Cyber Dragon! He followed up with Mad Dog of Darkness, and moved to the Battle Phase. Cyber Dragon took out Dekoichi, and Mad Dog attacked directly.

Leiher drew Caius the Shadow Monarch. He Normal Summoned Cyber Valley and passed his turn.

Long Set a monster. He attacked, and Cyber Valley ended the Battle Phase, and let Leiher draw Reckless Greed.

Leiher drew Naturia Strawberry for his turn. He Normal Summoned it, and Set Reckless Greed.

Long Set one card to his back row. He Flip Summoned Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, and used United We Stand to boost his Cyber Dragon up to 4500 ATK! He sent it to wipe out Naturia Strawberry and Leiher’s last Life Points!


Sat Dragon Duel D2


Justus Long is your victor, undefeated in Saturday’s Dragon Duel tournament!