Top Tables Update: Round 10

May 14th, 2017

Here are your top Duelists and Decks for the final Swiss round! These Duelists are guaranteed to have solid records after this, so we should see most of them in the Top 32.

Table 1: Logan Michael Kite (Kaiju Zoodiac) vs. Matthew Cory Nistico (Zoodiac)

Table 2: Michael Dylan Fox (Zoodiac) vs. Gustavo Marques Lattari (Plant Zoodiac)

Table 3: Corey Michael Shehl (Zoodiac) vs. Clifton Scott Land II (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 4: Douglas Javier Villatoro (Zoodiac) vs. Maxim Guilotte (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 5: Tyler Jerome Nolan (Zoodiac) vs. Jordan Xavier Nieto (Draco Zoodiac)

Table 6: Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones (Zoodiac) vs. James Jin-Young Kim (Draco Zoodiac)

Table 7: Michael O’Neill Rivera Ortega (Draco Zoodiac) vs. Robert William Davidson (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 8: Michael Joseph Albanese (Draco Zoodiac) vs. Austin Wesley Colling (Zoodiac Paleozoic)

Table 9: Khalil Tariq Bell (Zoodiac) vs. Michael Rahim Jaffer (Kaiju Zoodiac)

Table 10: Vincent Edgar Campana (Zoodiac) vs. Harvey Emory Law Jr. (Kaiju Zoodiac)

We have:

8 Zoodiac
6 Kaiju Zoodiac
4 Draco Zoodiac
1 Plant Zoodiac
1 Zoodiac Paleozoic

Just like last round, we have 8 pure and 6 Kaiju Zoodiac Decks. A few Draco variants are still performing well, along with one using a Plant engine. The big outlier is Austin Colling’s Paleozoic Deck, which takes the best of the Zoodiac combos and mixes it with Paleozoics for disruption and access to Toadally Awesome.

We’ll see soon what makes the Top 32 cut!