Top Tables Update: Round 8

May 14th, 2017

Here are the top tables for Round 8!

Table 1: Corey Shehl (Zoodiac) vs. Maxim Guillotte (Zoodiac Kaiju)

Table 2: Logan Kite (Zoodiac Kaiju) vs. Grant Williams (Dinomist)

Table 3: Brenden Beckmann (Zoodiac Kaiju) vs. Richard Wattle (True Draco Zoodiac)

Table 4: James Frazier (Zoodiac Kaiju) vs. Gustavo Lattari (Predaplant Zoodiac)

Table 5: Matthew Nistico (Zoodiac) vs. Thomas Williams (Zoodiac Kaiju)

Table 6: Thanh Ngyuen (True Draco Zoodiac) vs. Kyle Vergottini (Zoodiac Kaiju)

Table 7: Corey Roca (Zoodiac) vs. Michael Albanese (True Draco Zoodiac)

Table 8: Jordan Nieto (True Draco Zoodiac) vs. Cristian Abella (True Draco Zoodiac)

Table 9: Tyler Hansen (Zoodiac) vs. Dale Bellido (Zoodiac Kaiju)

Table 10: Braedon Hooker (True Draco Zoodiac) vs. Michael Siapno (Zoodiac Kaiju)

Here’s the count of what types of Decks are in the top 10 Tables:

8 Zoodiac Kaiju
6 True Draco Zoodiac
4 Zoodiac
1 Predaplant Zoodiac
1 Dinomist