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Top Tables Update: Round 5

June 24th, 2017

Check out which Duelists and Decks are Dueling at the top tables in Round 5!

Table 1: Christian Pavel Padilla Albores (Zoodiac) vs. Dario Avalos Rodriguez (Zoodiac)

Table 2: Alan Fuentes Rivera (Zoodiac) vs. Alfredo Flores Cruz (True Draco Zoodiac)

Table 3: Alejandro Vivaldo Reyes Suarez (True Draco Zoodiac) vs. Luis Fernando Figueroa Godinez (Tue Draco Zoodiac)

Table 4: Hector Luitin Troncoso (Zoodiac) vs. Martin Carlos Gloria Gomez (Zoodiac)

Table 5: Alan Alfredo Santoyo Bailleres (Zoodiac) vs. Armando Abraham Vazquez Larrache (Zoodiac)

Table 6: Aldo Alejandro Arreola Garcia (Invoked) vs. Angel Noel Navarro Hernandez (Zoodiac)

Table 7: Erick Hurtado Camarena (Zoodiac) vs. Edwin Jesus Morales Sotelo (True King)

Table 8: Guillero Benjamin Morales Ramierz (Zoodiac) vs. Andrea Huerta Morales (Zoodiac)

Table 9: Jose Andres Aranda Barboza (Zoodiac) vs. Gamaliel Abigal Ruiz Santillan (Zoodiac)

Table 10: Marvin Jossue Enamorado (Metalfoes) vs. Jhovanny Contreras Juarez (Zoodiac)


All of the Duelists at the top 10 tables are currently undefeated. There are tons of Zoodiac Decks at the top 10 tables, but a few interesting Decks still remain undefeated. Metalfoes, True Kings, and the Invoked monsters are still present in the top 10 tables. Not far behind, Dinosaurs are Dueling against Paleozoic Frogs at Table 11, with the Duelist wielding each of those Decks holding a 3-0-1 record. Will Zoodiacs continue to dominate, or will we see new interesting Decks emerge? Follow the coverage to find out!

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