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Welcome to the Top 64!

June 25th, 2017

The Top 64 has begun!

Zoodiacs are running rampant in the Top 64, but a bunch of vastly different strategies have also made it here alongside them. Marco Antonio Islas Tinagero is competing in the Top 64 with an ABC Deck; Victor Jesus Ahumada Alvarado is using PSY-Frames in the Top 64;  Manuel Alejandro Solano Maniquez is in the Top 64 using True King Dinosaurs; Roberto Castanon Salmeron is fighting in the Top 64 with Yosenjus; Gerardo Sotomayor Meza made it to the Top 64 with True Dracos; Aldo Alejandro Arreola Garcia is using a Windwitch Invoked Deck in the Top 64; and Ricardo Lora Zavala made the top cut with Dinosaurs.


Will one of these Duelists take first place, or will Zoodiacs reign supreme? Follow the coverage to find out!