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North America WCQ – Dragon Duel Top 32

July 9th, 2017

After seven rounds of intense Dueling, we’re done with Day 1 of the North America Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier! Here are the Top 32 Dragon Duelists who will move on to tomorrow’s portion of the tournament, where it will be single elimination.

1 – Aiden Tiemann (Zoodiac Draco)

2 – Rohan Motie (Zoodiac Draco)

3 – John Alexander Wilkin (Zoodiac)

4 – Connor Joseph Perrotta (Zoodiac)

5 – Lewis Murdock Libby Watt (Zoodiac)

6 – Charley Ray Futch III (Zoodiac Draco)

7 – Martin Shin-Chang Wu (Zoodiac)

8 – Adam Lee Dooley (Draco)

9 – Charles Newbold Welsh V (Zoodiac)

10 – Lucas Dan Oswald (Dino Yang Zing)

11 – Dylan Matthew Huntley (Dino Draco)

12 – Diego Rey Diaz (Zoodiac Draco)

13 – Oliver Roy Chung Olson (Lightsworn)

14 – Justus Ross Long (Kaiju Zoodiac)

15 – Benjamin Lester Rosen (Kaiju Zoodiac)

16 – Sam Levkosvsky (True King Dino)

17 – Elijah Nino Bizzotto (True King Dino)

18 – Jackson Charles Sayre (Zoodiac Draco)

19 – Gabriel James Gray (Chain Burn)

20 – Ryan Linus Yu (Zoodiac Pendulum Magician)

21 – Sammy Tilman LeBlanc (Draco)

22 – Enzo Maximiliano Fiallos Velasco (ABC)

23 – Connor Dylan Ruuspakka (Windwitch Invoked Artifact)

24 – Mathew Christian Monk (Zoodiac ABC)

25 – Matthew Jesse McRae (Atlantean Mermail)

26 – Donovan Michael Friley (Galaxy ABC)

27 – Mason Paul Nemecek (Odd-Eyes Magician)

28 – Aiden Elijah Rodriguez (Draco)

29 – Zachary Michael Morrison (Odd-Eyes Magician)

30 – Kierane Savage (Odd-Eyes Magician)

31 – Maguire Benton Stackhouse (Odd-Eyes Magician)

32 – Brian Neal Evilsizer III (Windwitch Invoked Artifact)

Here’s the breakdown of the Dragon Duel WCQ Top 32:

8 True Draco (3 pure, 5 with Zoodiac)
7 Zoodiac (5 pure, 2 with Kaiju)
4 Odd-Eyes Magician
3 ABC (1 pure, 1 Galaxy, 1 Zoodiac)
2 Windwitch Invoked Artifact
2 True King Dinosaur
1 True Draco Dinosaur
1 Dinosaur Yang Zing
1 Zoodiac Pendulum Magician
1 Lightsworn
1 Chain Burn
1 Atlantean Mermail

There are a ton of different strategies in the Top 32! The biggest two Decks could be grouped into True Draco and Zoodiac variants, with 8 and 7 Decks respectively. There are also some True Draco and True King Decks mixed with Dinosaurs, but those strategies are different enough to be their own categories.

Odd-Eyes Magicians are surprisingly the next most popular Deck. The Magician monsters have received a lot of great new cards lately with the release of Pendulum Evolution, so it’s become a stronger Deck. ABC Decks are next, though each ABC Duelist is using a different approach to their Deck.

After those, it’s a huge variety of unique strategies. Windwitch Invoked and Lightsworn are Decks we’ve been seeing over the last few months, but there’s also Decks like Mermails and Chain Burn represented! With such an array of strategies, anything has a chance to win the WCQ.

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