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North America WCQ – Dragon Duel Top 8 Feature Match: Ryan Yu vs. Diego Diaz

July 9th, 2017

For this Dragon Duel Top 8 Feature Match, we’re seeing a rematch. Ryan Yu, from Toronto, played against Diego Diaz, from Las Vegas, yesterday in the Swiss rounds. Diaz’s Zoodiacs defeated Yu’s Pendulum Magicians in that Match, but can he do it again?

Duel 1

Yu won the roll and played first, starting with a hand of Harmonizing Magician, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Maxx “C”, Pendulum Call, and Wisdom-Eye Magician. He used Pendulum Call, discarding Ash Blossom to add Oafdragon Magician and Harmonizing Magician to his hand. He played Wisdom-Eye and Oafdragon in his Pendulum Zones, then Pendulum Summoned both copies of Harmonizing Magician! He used the effect of one of them, and Special Summoned Black Fang Magician. He Xyz Summoned Zoodiac Broadbull, and used its effect. Diaz Chained Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to destroy Broadbull, and Yu added Zoodiac Ratpier to his hand. He Normal Summoned it, using its effect to send Zoodiac Ramram to the Graveyard. He Xyz Summoned Zoodiac Hammerkong, and Special Summoned another Ratpier. Hammerkong was turned into Zoodiac Chakanine, which Special Summoned Ramram. Chakanine became Zoodiac Tigermortar, and it attached Ratpier to itself as an Xyz Material. He turned Tigermortar into Zoodiac Boarbow, and that into Zoodiac Drident. He had Drident destroy Ramram, and it Special Summoned Hammerkong. He ended his turn, with all his monsters in Defense Position.

Diaz began with Fire Formation – Tenki, and Yu destroyed it with Drident. Diaz played Zoodiac Barrage next, and used its effect on itself. Yu Chained Maxx “C”. When Diaz Special Summoned Ramram, then Tigermortar, then Drident, Yu drew Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, and Wisdom-Eye Magician! Diaz Set three to his back row to finish.

Diego Diaz


Yu drew Time Pendulumgraph. He used his Drident to destroy Diaz’s Drident, and Diaz used his own Drident to destroy Ratpier. Yu used Drident to play Broadbull, and lost it to Solemn Warning. He used his Wisdom-Eye’s effect, destroying it to place Double Iris Magician in his Pendulum Zone. He Normal Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician, and combined it with Harmonizing Magician for Tornado Dragon! He used its effect to destroy Diaz’s Set Terraforming. Then, Yu Pendulum Summoned Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, and had it destroy Double Iris and Hammerkong, getting Performapal Guitartle and Performapal Lizardraw to his hand, then used Double Iris to add Star Pendulumgraph to his hand as well. He moved to the Battle Phase, attacking with Tornado Dragon, Wisdom-Eye, and Pendulum Sorcerer to leave Diaz with 900 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, He Xyz Summoned Daigusto Emeral, and put back both of his Ratpier and Broadbull to draw Zoodiac Barrage! He Set Barrage and his Pendulumgraphs. When Diaz saw his next card, he conceded!


Duel 2

Diaz chose to play first, and started with Zoodiac Whiptail. He used it to play Hammerkong, and that for Drident. He Set two to his back row.

Yu began with a hand of Dark Hole, Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, Wisdom-Eye Magician, Purple Poison Magician, Harmonizing Magician, and Time Pendulumgraph. Diaz flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance in the Standby Phase, completely shutting down Yu’s Pendulum plays. Yu played Purple Poison, and Set Dark Hole and Time Pendulumgraph.

Diaz played Baobaboon, and put a card on the bottom of his Deck. He moved to the Battle Phase, thought a moment, then moved to Main Phase 2. He used Drident to destroy his Baobaboon so he could Special Summon two more. He activated both of their effects, and put a card on top of his Deck. He then Xyz Summoned M-X-Saber Invoker, and had it Special Summon Ramram. He used Ramram to play Broadbull, and put Ratpier in his hand. Broadbull was used to play Chakanine, and it Special Summoned Hammerkong from the Graveyard. Chakanine was used to play Tigermortar, and it attached Ramram as an Xyz Material to Hammerkong. Finally, Tigermortar was used to play another Drident in Defense Position.

Yu drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. In the Standby Phase, he used Drident to destroy Purple Poison, which destroyed Anti-Spell Fragrance. Yu flipped Dark Hole, then played Wisdom-Eye Magician and Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer in his Pendulum Zones. He used Wisdom-Eye to get Double Iris in his Pendulum Zone, and Diaz used Maxx “C”. Yu Pendulum Summoned Harmonizing Magician and Purple Poison in Defense Position, and Wisdom-Eye in Attack Position. He attacked with it, then used Wisdom-Eye and Harmonizing Magician for Tornado Dragon. He used its effect, and wiped out Diaz’s Set Raigeki!

Ryan Yu


Diaz played Ratpier, and Yu flipped Time Pendulumgraph! He destroyed his Purple Poison and Ratpier. Diaz Set a second card in the back row. In the End Phase, Tornado Dragon destroyed it: Forbidden Chalice.

Yu drew Zoodiac Barrage, and Diaz used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate it when Yu used the effect. Yu continued by Pendulum Summoning Purple Poison. He attacked with it and Tornado Dragon, leaving Diaz with 3200 Life Points.

Diaz played Fire Formation – Tenki, and Yu used Time Pendulumgraph to destroy his Double Iris and Tenki. Double Iris’s effect put Star Pendulumgraph in his hand. Diaz continued with Zoodiac Ramram, into Zoodiac Boarbow, then Zoodiac Broadbull, but had Broadbull negated by Yu’s Ash Blossom. He played Chakanine over Broadbull, and had it revive Hammerkong. He used Chakanine for Tigermortar next, and attached Chakanine to Hammerkong. Finally, Tigermortar became Drident, which took out Time Pendulumgraph.

Yu drew Dragoons of Draconia, and Diaz had his Drident destroy Zoodiac Barrage. Yu played Star Pendulumgraph, then Normal Summoned Dragoons. He used it with Purple Poison to play Number 39: Utopia, then played Number S39: Utopia the Lightning! Using its effect, he wiped out Diaz’s remaining Life Points!


Ryan Yu is victorious, with Pendulum Magicians!