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On the Floor at the North America WCQ

July 8th, 2017

Here’s a quick look at some of the goings-on at the WCQ!

Over here, we have the photo booth station! Duelists are lined up to make their own custom Token Card featuring themselves! They can choose from a variety of backgrounds, including Pegasus, Jack Atlas, and Aster Phoenix!

Custom Tokens


Across from the photo booth station is the Mega Duel! Duelists teaming up to battle with giant cards in this awesome event. They need to team up because the cards are too big to hold alone! This time, the Mega Duel is featuring giant versions of the new cards in Starter Deck – Link Strike –. This gives the Duelists a chance to try out Link Summoning early!

Mega Duel


Mega Duel 2


Here we have some demo stations for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, for smart devices. Duel Links uses a form of “Speed Duel” rules, with everything trimmed down from the regular rules of a Duel. Each player starts with 4000 Life Points and four cards in hand. Your Deck can be between 20 to 30 cards, and you have three Monster Card Zones and three Spell & Trap Card Zones. Plus, each Duelist in the game has special skills that reflect their styles as a Duelist. For example, Yugi can draw any card from his Deck if he loses enough Life Points, Mako can begin with Umi on the field to power up his aquatic monsters, and Bandit Keith can do his dirty tricks to switch out a card from his hand. It’s a ton of fun, and it’s free to download!

Duel Links demo


This is our live stream stage, where Duelists face off in front of everyone watching at home! Our live stream commentators are Jerome McHale and Robert Boyajian from Konami, and Michael Kohanim, a coverage writer and former World Championship competitor.

Live stage 2

Live stream stage

Finally, walking past the Dragon Duel area, we noticed there were no Duels being played. That’s because it was the middle of an autograph session!

Ted Lewis has played many roles over the years, including Bakura Ryou, Bandit Keith, and Jack Atlas!

Ted signing


Oliver Wyman is best known as the voice of Aster Phoenix!

Oliver signing


And finally, Darren Dunstan has the unmistakable voice of Maximillion Pegasus!

Darren signing


There’s a lot more happening here in Chicago this weekend. Check back with us for more!

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