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Welcome to Day 2 of the North America WCQ!

July 9th, 2017

We’re on the second day of the North America WCQ, and there’s a lot more Dueling action to be had! We completed nine Swiss rounds yesterday, and the top 256 Duelists advanced to today. There will be three more Swiss rounds today, then we’ll make the cut to the Top 64. From there, it’s single elimination, and at the end the top four Duelists will receive their invitations to the World Championship! There are a ton of talented Duelists still in competition, such as YCS Champions Aaron Furman, Anderson Tsang, and Elvis Vu, just to name a few.

In addition, this is the final tournament to determine who will be invited to the World Championship based on their World Qualifying Points. From the United States, it’s between Esala Wathathantrige, Billy Brake, or Jeff Jones. Esala and Billy are both out of the tournament already, so it all depends on how Jeff performs. For the Canadian Duelists, it’s between Jesse Kotton and Matthew Vanden Heuvel. Jesse is out of the event now, so if Matthew can place high enough he’ll overcome Jesse in points.

The Dragon Duel WCQ is also coming to a close today. They’ve cut to the Top 32 Duelists and are now in single elimination. The top two Duelists will receive an invite to the World Championship, but only one can be the North America WCQ Champion!

We also have the voice actors Darren Dunstan (Pegasus), Ted Lewis (Jack Atlas, Bakura), and Oliver Wyman (Aster Phoenix). They’re signing autographs, and we’ll also have a live Duel later today! With plenty of Public Events also today, there’s still a plethora of things going on here at the North America WCQ!


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