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World Qualifying Points – Top Duelists Spotlight

July 8th, 2017

For 2017, the World Qualifying Points ranking system now gives Duelists an opportunity to attend the World Championship, even if they don’t make the Top Cut of the World Championship Qualifier (WCQ). These points reward Duelists who are active and consistent in tournaments. The two top ranked United States Duelists and the top Canadian Duelist, after this tournament, will be able to attend the World Championship. Here are the top contenders!

First, the United States Duelists:

Currently in first place, with 468 points, is Esala Sammidha de Alvis Wathathantrige. With so many points, he’s guaranteed to get his World Championship invite as long as he gets at least 58th place this weekend – he’ll have enough points that the other contenders won’t be able to pass him. Esala is a very familiar face at the top tables of any Regional or YCS, so 58th place isn’t out of the question for him.

In second place, it’s Billy Presley Brake with 447 points. If he can make 26th place or better in the WCQ, he’ll guarantee a place in the World Championship. Billy has either won or made the top cut of countless YCS tournaments this season, even going to Europe to win some of theirs! He’s always performed well, but has yet to qualify for the World Championship. Could this be his year?

Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones is the wild card here. In third place with 410 points, he’s got a real shot at getting his invite if he can do sufficiently better than Esala and/or Billy this weekend. If he can get 28th or better and Billy doesn’t make the top cut, Jeff is in. If Jeff can get 7th or better, and at least 58 places higher than Esala, he’ll also qualify that way.

Next up, our Canadian Duelists! Jesse Dean Kotton is leading with 457 points, and can secure his invite if he gets at least 21st place. If he doesn’t get at least 21st, it’ll depend on how he performs compared to Matthew Evan Harris Vanden Heuvel. Matthew is in second place with 436, so he’s not far behind in points. If he can get at least 44th place, while also being at least 21 ranks above Jesse, he will qualify for the World Championship.

Any of these Duelists has a great chance to get their invitation to the World Championship, but they’ll have to work for it here at the WCQ! Good luck, Duelists!