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Top 8 Feature Match: Jesse Kotton vs. Gabriel El-Allie

August 27th, 2017

The last time we saw Jesse Kotton, he was getting whomped by fellow Torontonian Dale Bellido in his Round 1 Feature Match yesterday.  But Bellido is out of the Top Cut, and Kotton is still in contention here in the Top 8!  His opponent this round is another of our last-men-standing, Gabriel El-Allie, from Michigan.  Both duelists are playing Pure Zoodiacs. Let’s get started.


Kotton opened the Match with two Cosmic Cyclone; Pianissimo; Soul Charge; and Zoodiac Ramram.  A tad awkward.  He Normal Summoned Ramram, overlaid it with Zoodiac Drident, overlaid that with Zoodiac Broadbull, detached Drident to search Zoodiac Ratpier, and overlaid Broadbull with Zoodiac Chakanine.  He detached Broadbull to revive Drident, overlaid for Zoodiac Tigermortar, detached Broadbull, overlaid for Zoodiac Hammerkong, and ended with three Sets to his backrow.  He detached Tigermortar in the End Phase.


El-Allie searched Zoodiac Ramram with Fire Formation – Tenki, Normal Summoned Zoodiac Thoroughblade, and discarded Ramram to draw a card.  He overlaid Thoroughblade with Zoodiac Drident, attacked Hammerkong, and Kotton activated his Set Pianissimo in the Damage Step!  Hammerkong was safe, and El-Allie Set three cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.  Kotton blasted the opposing Drident with his own in the End Phase, then flipped two Cosmic Cyclones to banish El-Allie’s Set Zoodiac Combo and Cosmic Cyclone.


Kotton drew Dimensional Barrier, overlaid Hammerkong with Broadbull, detached Hammerkong to search for Zoodiac Whiptail, and overlaid Broadbull with Zoodiac Chakanine.  He detached Broadbull to revive Ramram from his Graveyard, Normal Summoned Zoodiac Ratpier, kicked Zoodiac Combo to his Graveyard… and El-Allie conceded!  He revealed his Set cards.  “Even if I’d gone first I’m pretty sure I’d lost that game.”


When Kotton revealed that he’d drawn into Barrier as well, that confirmed to Gabrielm that he’d made the right choice.




Eager to move to Duel 2, Gabriel El-Allie scoops up his cards in the first Duel and dives right for his Side Deck!  Kotton was now just one win away from the Top 4.


El-Allie started Duel 2 with Zoodiac Ratpier, sending Zoodiac Ramram to his Graveyard.  He overlaid for Zoodiac Boarbow, detached Ratpier to Summon another Ratpier from his Deck, and played Pot of Desires to banish ten cards and draw two.  He overlaid into Drident, then Broadbull, detaching Drident to search for Zoodiac Ramram.  He overlaid Broadbull with Zoodiac Chakanine, revived his Zoodiac Drident, went into Tigermortar, and detached Chakanine to attach Ramram to Drident.  Hammerkong was next, and El-Allie Set three cards to his backrow.  He detached an Xyz Material for Hammerkong in the End Phase.


Kotton had Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju; Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju; Zoodiac Ramram; Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju; Book of Moon; and Pot of Desires.  Kotton activated Pot of Desires, banishing ten cards from his Deck, and El-Allie Chained Imperial Order.  He Chained Pianissimo to it, protecting Drident, and Kotton Tributed it away by sticking El-Allie with Gameciel!  Kotton Normal Summoned Zoodiac Ramram. He Special Summoned Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju, attacked with Ramram into Zoodiac Ratpier, and Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju ran down Hammerkong.


In Main Phase 2 Kotton overlaid Ramram with Boarbow, then Drident, and detached Boarbow to destroy Gameciel with Drident’s effect.  He overlaid Drident with Broadbull, detached Drident to search with Broadbull, and took Zoodiac Whiptail.  He overlaid for Chakanine next, detached Broadbull to revive Drident, overlaid for Tigermortar, detached Chakanine to attach it to Drident, and overlaid Tigermortar with Hammerkong.  He Set Book of Moon and detached Tigermortar for Hammerkong’s effect.


El-Allie lost 700 Life Points for Imperial Order, Normal Summoned Zoodiac Thoroughblade, and Kotton blasted it with Drident.  El-Allie discarded Ramram and ended his turn.


Kotton detached Ramram for Hamnmerkong and drew for his turn. El-Allie lost 700 Life Points to Imperial Order, and Kotton overlaid for Chakanine, reviving Ramram. He went into Broadbull to search Zoodiac Whiptail, Normal Summoned Thoroughblade, pitched Ramram to draw Enemy Controller, and overlaid Broadbull with Zoodiac Tigermortar.  He detached an Xyz Material to add Ramram to Drident, then attacked with Kumongous, Thoroughblade, and Ramram.




He attacked with Drident, attached Whiptail to it, and took El-Allie down to 600 LP.  Then he detached Whiptail to destroy Ramram, and revived Whiptail for one more attack – more than enough to finish the Match!


Jesse Kotton is moving on to the Top 4!