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QQ: What Is Your Favorite Link Monster?

September 24th, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Link Monsters are certain to define the new Advanced Format, and they’re making appearances all over the tournament! I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to see which Link Monsters are their favorites. Check out their responses!

Link Spider. It lets me start all of my Link combos. Without it, my Deck isn’t possible.” -Richard Wallace

Firewall Dragon. It enables crazy combos.” -Kevin Brandon Vila

Mistar Boy. I love that it retrains Star Boy and is super goofy with his mustache and top hat.” -Kesavan Kushahagar

Decode Talker for its effect.” -Marck Fernandez

Missus Radiant. She is a blast from the past.” -Aaron H. Levy

Missus Radiant. It opens up 2 zones fast.” -Jesse Kotton

Honeybot. It’s a robot bee.” -Ryan Parra-Merrell

Missus Radiant. It has 2 down arrows.” -Carter Wix

Ib World Chalice Priestess. It is good with protection of your cards.” -Rohan Motie

Ib World Chalice Priestess. Her protection effect is powerful and she can stop mass destruction cards when paired with Proxy Dragon.” -Bobby Kenny

Mistar Boy. It helps Paleozoics.” -Jesse Rutherford

Imduk the World Chalice Dragon, because his name is kinda like, ‘I am a duck,’ which is silly because he’s a Dragon, not a duck.” -Noah Greene


There are lots of popular Link Monsters, but which of them will make it to the top tables of the tournament? Follow the coverage to find out!