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QQ: Which Deck Are You Using This Weekend?

September 23rd, 2017

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The new Forbidden & Limited List took effect five days ago and sent Duelists scrambling to decide which Deck is best for them to use this weekend. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Decks they ultimately decided to use. Check out their responses!



“I’m playing a very interesting Deck with a few engines together. True Draco with Kozmos and Metalfoes.” -Maurice A. Newson


“Extra Deck True Draco. It has the most plays of True Draco variants, making double Firewall and Beelze.” -Richard Wallace


“Magicians. I’m comfortable with the Deck and I feel like it gives me the best odds to win.” -Kevin Brandon Vila


“Pendulum Magicians. It is really versatile and I don’t think people are prepared.” -Kesavan Kushahagar


“Link Infernoids. It is a strong Deck going first and second.” -Aaron Levy


“World Chalice. It was the only Deck I could put together in time.” -Octavio Santiago


“Pendulums. I haven’t played that Deck in a while and it’s pretty powerful.” -Patrick James


“Palozoics because I didn’t have the cards to build Pendulums.” -James Condrey


“Magician Pendulum. My friend let me borrow it.” -Ryan Parra-Merrell


“I’m using ABC because it’s all that I had and felt comfortable with.” -Vincent Bellafiore


“Draco Demise with Spellbooks. I think it’s going to win.” -Shunping Xu


There are lots of different Decks in the tournament, but it looks like Pendulums are the most popular. Which Deck would you be using if you were competing this weekend?